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Name: Pat Guy 
Website: pat-guy.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 165

 About Self
I picked up the pen in my teens and put it down for many, many years. It has found its way back into my life. I pray the reader will connect on a personal level with our personal God who longs for our company -- who's love is strong and steady no matter what. FaithWriters has a gentle precious Spirit and it's a blessing to be involved in it's ministry. **Screen name for message board: Pat ... Note: Most of my writings depict my adventure into the writing world -- I have taken risks, stretched myself, experimented and have had fun -- and I have many favorites. From the Challenges -- "Nothing Left" (1/10/07), "Angel Faces" (5/11/06), "Wings Of Forever" (6/15/06), "Empty Shame" (7/05/07),"Timeless Visions" (5/17/07), "A Letter From Christ" (1/17/07).
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/30/13 Fragile Innocence 318 Free to Share
07/15/10 Wings of Forever 494 Free to Share
02/08/10 Quick Change Truth 468 Free to Share
01/21/10 A Sigh in Bloom 675 Free to Share
03/05/09 Quiet Happenings 551 Not For Sale
02/26/09 Comfortable Assurance 616 Not For Sale
01/30/09 Wings of a Song 693 Not For Sale
08/17/08 Chasm of Time 698 Free to Share
07/15/08 Come, and See 769 For Sale
06/25/08 Of Hammers and Coconuts 759 Not For Sale
06/16/08 'Stinkie Mini-Challenge at Message Board' 1552 Not For Sale
06/16/08 'Stinkie Mini-Challenge at Message Board' 1424 Not For Sale
06/15/08 Stinkie Mini Challenge on Message Board 730 Free to Share
06/15/08 Stinkie MiniChallenge at Message Board 863 Not For Sale
06/12/08 One Stroke 695 Free to Share
05/04/08 Garments of Fragrance 707 Not For Sale
04/23/08 Safe, In the Presence of Love 669 Not For Sale
03/24/08 Jan's Mini Challenge Duo 819 Not For Sale
03/15/08 To Fill a Tear 743 For Sale
03/14/08 Victory Whispered 784 Free to Share
11/11/07 Noisy Peace 861 Not For Sale
10/14/07 Possible Impossibilties 1107 For Sale
09/26/07 Bible Bits 1164 Not For Sale
09/21/07 Snap Shorts 1005 Not For Sale
09/15/07 Companion Unaware 903 Not For Sale
08/13/07 Empty Shame 880 Free to Share
05/05/07 I have this friend, 1065 Not For Sale
03/19/07 True Relections 879 Free to Share
12/30/06 Warrior of the Realm 907 Free to Share
09/12/06 I AM Waiting 1294 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/04/10 Asphalt Redemption
02/11/10 Slot Dancing
08/26/09 Angel Glow
06/10/09 Touch of Fragrance
05/20/09 A Sigh in Bloom
03/18/09 Vision Interrupted
01/14/09 Cafe' of A.
09/03/08 Private Lullaby
08/06/08 Chasm of Time
03/12/08 One Step Away
02/27/08 Very-Very Much
01/30/08 Illustrious Decay
12/12/07 Closing Out of Empty
11/28/07 Sorrow's Companion
10/10/07 Grasping Essence
09/12/07 Letting Go of Empty
09/05/07 Blazing Justice
08/29/07 Companion Unaware
07/11/07 Empty Shame
06/13/07 Nothing Will Ever Be the Same - Except Something
06/06/07 "Cool" is in the Nose of the Picker
05/31/07 No Time to Die
05/23/07 Timeless Visions
05/15/07 If They Only Knew!
05/10/07 Words of Fire
04/25/07 A Rose in Time
04/18/07 Seduction in Paradise
04/12/07 For Love of Sarah
03/15/07 Even if ...
03/07/07 The Second Reflection
02/28/07 Blessing of the Blanket
02/15/07 Fire Dance
02/08/07 Just One
01/31/07 Son of the Commandment
01/24/07 One Stroke
01/17/07 A Letter From Christ
01/10/07 Nothing Left
12/13/06 Warrior of the Realm
11/29/06 The Priceless Prostitute
11/08/06 A Nurse's Lament
11/01/06 The 'have to' Solution
10/25/06 Torn Screen
10/18/06 Stitching Pieces
10/12/06 Echoes of Neglected Vows
08/22/06 Pink Highlights
07/24/06 Closure of a Masterpiece
07/20/06 The Quarter
07/12/06 The Moneybag
06/22/06 Wings of Forever
06/14/06 The Cart
06/07/06 Always IS
05/24/06 The Squawking Fish Who Liked Spam
05/17/06 Angel Faces
05/10/06 Lock Control
05/03/06 Thank You
04/26/06 Gifted Garments
04/12/06 Special Agents
03/13/06 Dark and Curly
03/06/06 Door of No Words
02/26/06 A Small Bit of Blue
02/19/06 Circle of Sweat
02/12/06 Whispers
01/29/06 No More Sea
01/22/06 The Scent
01/16/06 The Heart of One
01/08/06 For Real
12/11/05 Storyteller
12/05/05 Heartbeat
11/28/05 Scuppernonging
11/21/05 I Am Here.
11/13/05 The Touch of Fire
11/06/05 And The Pieces Fit
10/23/05 This Dance
10/17/05 If Only
10/09/05 Belle of India
09/19/05 Three Blinks
09/11/05 Slip Sliding Away
09/04/05 A Date with Evil
08/14/05 I Can't Do That!
08/08/05 One More
07/30/05 It's All In the Eyes
07/24/05 "How Did He Get Out of This One?"
07/10/05 Roman Sandals
06/12/05 Homelessly Devoted
06/05/05 sad/good/happy/safe
05/27/05 A Push In the Right Direction
05/22/05 Her Oasis
05/12/05 Do You See What I See?
05/08/05 "Get the Soap Out of the Sun!"
04/30/05 The Welcome Signs
04/21/05 A Sigh Escapes My Lips
04/17/05 Morning
04/10/05 "The Wounds of a Friend.......

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
05/10/05 The Answer

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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/06/2007 True Reflections
02/11/2007 A Small Bit of Blue
02/11/2007 Gifted Garments
02/11/2007 One Single Rose
02/11/2007 One Stroke
01/04/2007 Wings of Forever
12/29/2006 Pink Highlights
12/29/2006 A Nurse's Lament