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I cannot believe how much I have learned since I joined in February. Thank you so much for helping me. I feel very blessed. God bless you for all that you do. Karen

I thank God for how FaithWriters has opened doors for my writing,with the Weekly Challenge a constant encouragement. Receiving positive encouragement is a great buzz, but the creative treatment of topics by other members is also to be inspired to explore new writing genres. Noel

Hello, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the FW program/website. It helped me hone writing skills and learn to write on a consistent basis. Before I found your site, I was pretty hit and miss with my hobby, but largely through your ministry, I've become a professional writer. Amazing! Deborah

The Weekly Challenge met every challenge I needed to become a writer, in a fun and safe environment that created new friendships as well as the excitement of becoming published. Pat

Some of my most gratifying experiences in writing have come from The Challenge. Aptly named, we truly are challenged to up our game by experienced writers and encouraged in the process. Nancy

I was absolutely clueless about good writing skills when I started participating in FaithWriters Challenge. I thank God for the Challenge. I have learned so much and honed my writing. And making friends along way has been added bonus. Leola

The weekly Writing Challenge will take your writing from zero to hero and you can try it for free. Read more member reviews on our Writing Challenge HERE.

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Fulfilling The Great Commission Together! As you become the writer God has called you to be, you are helping us spread the gospel in over 230 countries online. Here is a quote from a reader who accepted Jesus on FaithWriters, his life will never be the same because one writer put pen to paper and shared it.

I literally was transformed and totally healed in an instant upon trusting in Jesus as my lord and savior. The love, joy, light, and peace I feel is way more than words or thoughts can express. This new life of being a true Christian, who is saved, Spirit-filled, born-again, fully and truly converted by the living holy gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, is going to carry my being further than anyone could ever imagine. It will be the most blessed, rewarding, and holy life in the Lord, which I have embarked upon now. Roger P.

More Member Feedback

Such valuable insights, and guidance in this feedback report. I appreciate the feedback, and will do the suggested rewriting. This report is like gold; I feel richly blessed. Judy

Thank you so much for the report. WOW! There are so many things you've so clearly pointed out that I need to work on. This is sooo exciting! What amazing tools there are to help improve my writing. This is so encouraging. I can't thank you enough. God Bless You, Francie

I checked out several Christian sites, some were good and some were surprisingly poor, but FaithWriters was one that stood out,primarily because they were Christian writers who also were writing Christian material. I rarely ever pay to use a website, but I felt this one was well worth the small monthly investment, so I joined. So many things have blessed me there! The weekly challenge was a huge boost to me. The forums, articles, lessons, contests... this site has encouraged me in so many ways. There is no way I could be where I am on my journey today without FaithWriters. Kevin Ingram

I wanted to let you know that I have been hired for two positions advertised in the Faithwriters messages. Sonya R.

Dear FaithWriters: I did not realize I was the winner of the Quarterly Challenge (Beginner category) until I received the email message notifying me that $50 was awaiting me in PayPal. Wow! I am writing to say THANK YOU, and to let you know that I believe that participating in the Writing Challenge is really improving my writing. I so appreciate the constructive critiques and comments. The Challenge also provides what I need the most: discipline! Just doing it has allowed me to understand how I can fit writing practice into my regular schedule, and that it is worthwhile to do so. And today, even rewarding to do so! I also learn by reading the entries of others and the comments made to them. I decided I would take this "spring break" time to take at least one lesson on FaithWriters, which I have done. That was very helpful too. Your website contains so much valuable info. In gratitude for the blessing of FaithWriters. Thanks to everyone at FaithWriters for supporting and encouraging people of faith to spread the Good News! Linda Buskirk

Mike, I got hired to write for the bottom line website on a regular basis. You posted the opportunity a few weeks ago.Glory to God!!! In Jesus, Greg

I'm going to get paid for writing my favorite thing in the world--devotionals. On February 24th, in the Private Messenger you posted Joel B's ad for needing a writer for "The Bottom Line" that he is getting ready to launch. I responded and he liked my devotional I sent him and I asked him if he had any room for my devotionals. He said yes, and will be giving me my own section. I am naming my section, "THOUGHTS ABOUT GOD'S WORD". I owe it all to you that I'll be getting paid for something I love to do more than anything--writing about our Heavenly Father and our Loving Savior. I'll be posting every week on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. I am so happy to spread His love to more people! I'll keep in touch to let you know when Joel B.'s--"The Bottom Line" launches. Susan Allen

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all you do. I have had two responses through the "feedback" and one email today about the devotional where the reader knew others, or they, themselves "needed" my message and they wanted to share with other people. You have done such a marvelous job with Faithwriters I am bursting with pride. Mary Toll

I was having a difficult time getting my article that was published in Christian Focus magazine to download, but now I see which one it was. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know it is inspiring, and affirming, and challenging to me, and I owe it to your kindness; thank you so very much. It is something I could never have gotten done. I will try harder to really hear the Lord, and to hone skills in the hope of repeating this exciting way to share the message of Jesus with others. Also, you have blessed my family with your kind act: they're all going out and buying the magazine and showing each other that it can happen. Many of them have writing desires too. Mother was a poet, although she never thought of having anything published, she wrote poetry anyway and quoted it often. Lord Bless Michael and Bea; and thanks to you both for your ministry to writers. Ramona Cook

I wanted to take a quick moment and thank you for FaithWriters web site. I got involved in the weekly challenges and thoroughly enjoyed writing down "my little Africa stories" as I call them and submitting them to FaithWriters. It was very encouraging when I consistently placed close to the top of the challenge, sometimes getting first place and Editor's Choice. With my new-found writing confidence from FaithWriters,I submitted one such story to Xulon Press's July 2013 Writing Contest.To my complete surprise, I won first place, receiving a book publishing contract free. Between July 1 to October 10, I went from writing 750 word stories for FaithWriters to holding my very own book in my hand! I have never even considered writing a book. The title is Kindergarten Lessons I Learned in Africa. But the real lesson was what I learned from FaithWriters - keep doing your best, submitting your works to God (and FaithWriters), and watch what happens. Thank you for this wonderful web site. Blessings, Claudia Thomason

A few months ago FaithWriters posted a private message from a very credentialed Psychologist.He was looking for someone to assist him with his dissertation for a major University. He seemed to be stuck in neutral and just needed a fresh eye (and an injection or two of clarity). I replied, and was pleased to be chosen to help. It is such a worthwhile premise. He is involved in an interesting project regarding the mentally ill, and the response (or non-response) of the church. I have had clinical experience in working with the kinds of mental problems he is addressing, so he wasn't speaking a foreign language. That made this assignment a perfect fit. Just thought I'd let you know about this one. Thank You, Linda G.

Thank you so much for your encouragement. It was a lovely surprise to get the 1st Place in the challenge and I never expected to ever get the Editor's Choice. Then to find another win for the same story was just overwhelming - and so encouraging. Unbelievable! I was too excited to sleep that night. FaithWriters has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in my writing and a new purpose for my life. I have always wanted to write but never found the courage or the confidence to make a start. I was always afraid of failure. But before my husband died in October 2012 he asked me to promise that I would write and I made that promise. One weekend earlier this year, the Lord spoke to me about it being 'my time' and put it in my heart to share testimony in church and a short extract from the book I am attempting to write. It was unbearably difficult but I obeyed and was incredibly encouraged. A short time later I discovered FaithWriters, became a member and submitted my first Challenge article. The critiques were encouraging and helpful and I suddenly found I was no longer afraid of failure. I learned to simply try harder next time, enjoy what others had written and share gladly in their success. Our God is good. I owe a lot to FaithWriters, especially to those who have critiqued my articles and encouraged me in such a gentle way. I am thankful for their experience, expertise and advice and I thank God every single day for His amazing grace that has kept me through difficult times and steered me in a new direction. Thank you! Thank you! Pauline C.

Good morning Mike and Bea! Just wanted to share some great news with you two. I responded to a recent opportunity through FW, and had one of my articles published!Thanks for all your hard work and efforts on behalf of us writers. Have a blessed day. Ennis

I started contributing assigned articles to Parents & Kids magazine a little over a year ago, because of a call for writers on FaithWriters. I contributed articles as specific topics were assigned to me each month. Then in April of this year, I was offered my own column on parenting. My first column was published in June of this year and it is such a pleasure to share what I did and didn't do right while raising three sons. Thank you, FaithWriters, for making this opportunity available to me. Antje H.

I wanted to send you a message saying thank you. Your site is amazing, and it has helped me to find great writers for my online magazine.Thank you so much for offering this site. Thanks Brenda Faith, Truth & Love Magazine

I want to thank you for the lovely plaque I just received from FaithWriters for my Highly Commended win in the Page Turner Contest. That win gave me courage to handle to the rejections I got from agents and publishers for The Sheep Walker and to hang in their until I received the coveted "We love your book and want to offer you a publishing contract" from Chalfont House.The Sheep Walker will be out next year. Please feel free to use this story at your conference to encourage others, if it seems appropriate. Blessings, Sydney

Thank you FaithWriters for selecting my devotional "Love Endures All Things" for the world to read. I have already got positive reviews from persons who expressed appreciation and have intimated that it has helped them at this time in their lives. I have always wanted to share the Word of God, hence the reason for joining FaithWriters. Now, I feel even more blessed for doing so, as this sharing and reading other devotionals has given me a greater sense of purpose. Phyllis, Trinidad and Tobago

I came to FaithWriters as a non-fiction writer who'd had some magazine articles published about my testimony and God's healing. When people used to ask what I did and I muttered under my breath, "writer" it was like I said that I'd run off and joined a circus. So implausible. I felt like a faker. At FW, I not only became a writer but God opened the gift of writing fiction, something I never expected. But now I can't imagine not doing it. The Challenge helped me to take it one step at a time, one Challenge at a time. I learned to write to a topic and to prune out all but the words necessary to tell the story. Doing well in The Challenge spurred me on, and not doing well built endurance and thicker skin. The encouragement, the support and the skilled guidance that I have received from the FaithWriters family is beyond measure in its worth to me as a writer…and a believer because the two intertwined.Tracy Nunes our 2013 Best of the Best Winner

FaithWriters is an awesome resource for those seeking to learn more about the Word of God. It is also a great place of support, encouragement and tons of incentives and ways for writers to learn and build on the gifts that God has given to us.I pray you and all the staff/leaders at FaithWriters will continue with your passion and urgency to spread the message of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Again, thank you so much. In His grace, LaVerne.

Mike, On about April 9th I answered an ad on Faith Writers about writing for the Renewed magazine blog. I sent in a sample article, they emailed me today and want me to write for their blog.Praise The Name Of Jesus. Greg Mancini

I want to share a recent blessing.. I was contacted through Private Messenger with an offer to be a Text Writer for a Jerusalem Jewelry company, Rose of Bethlehem.I'll be writing devotionals for them. I love God surprises! Pam

Thank you for this great network. I responded to one of the queries from another writer and landed a part time job as a writer's assistant.It's taking me a while to get acquainted with the site, but I have linked it to my website and blogs. I've also displayed some of my articles. Thank you again for this great site. Blessings, Sue

"I know there is so much more to Faithwriters than I have discovered and I am keen to explore the avenues. (The testimony competition is my next target). What a blessing to have a community like this.Thank you, Mike and Bea, for the way you are carrying it forward." Dave Walker

"It's always humbling to feel that the words you create in private can have impact in hearts and minds all over. I am grateful to those who took the time to read 'A denominational allergory.' I believe there is so much we can accomplish together if we realize that though we speak the truth of Jesus differently we are all on the same team. The community is watching us as we interact with each other. Our witness with each other is powerful."Jack Taylor

Wanted you to know that I have another publication as a result of contacted me for permission to publish one of my articles found on my faithwriters page. Thanks for your ministry. Pastor Dan White

"The FaithWriters newsletter and website was so encouraging to me that I couldn't resist participating in my first-ever contest. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share my writing, excited to support a critical ministry, honored to be recognized, and full of praise for the One we seek to glorify. Thank you, FaithWriters!" In Christ, Dwight

It's with great gratitude toward FaithWriters that I say thank you for aiding in this writing journey I've been on since I joined the site in 2007. But never more than this past year, since the joining of Mike and Bea Edwards. It's exciting to me to consistently see new and unique ways that FaithWriters are now offering writers an opportunity to be successful. I have received more writing opportunities through FaithWriters in the past few months than the whole previous 5 years of being a member. I would encourage anyone who is not paying for the private messenger function to hurry and do so, if you are serious about writing. So, thank you FaithWriters for caring not only about the website but also about the members. Paula Titus

Faith Writers has become an exceptional website with a clear purpose and ministry. Thank you, Kathleen

Dear Mike and Bea - I thought you would enjoy reading this nice letter I received from Mr. Emmanuel Parakati. I am submitting articles to his website now. I also signed up to write an article a month for a webzine titled "Knitted Together by God" owned by Christine Ramey. More good news...Nick Muskari and his wife launched a beautiful online literary magazine titled Aletheia. I signed a writing contract with them to have my short fiction (re-titled Red Bird's Secret ) to be published in their magazine. All this thanks to Faithwriters! Toni Babcock

There are so many ways in which the written word can meet needs - it is perhaps the least threatening albeit the most challenging of witness tools. People can refuse to listen but once they have read - even just a sentence - the thought is planted and available to the Holy Spirit to use and expand. Unfortunately, the same is true of other writing as well, highlighting the need to flood the markets with good, soul-searching and inspiring material, bringing God's message through a variety of story styles to catch - and hold - the attention of readers of all ages, abilities and preferences. Once more, thank you for the opportunity to be challenged each week with a subject to write on, and even with the limits which demand that the story be told within a word count, requiring discipline and the need to make one word do the work of many! The Lord bless you each and all, Fiona Stevenson

Thank you, dear Christian friends, and a very happy new year to you also. It has been my great pleasure to have written for FaithWriters, received encouragement from many different sources, and blessed by the Holy Spirit's leading for many years. I am now 91 years of age. I am losing ground physically, but my spirit is still strong and ready to go home. And I am grateful for the years you have given me a way to share my faith with many people. Love in Jesus, Aline Edson

Mike, I got hired from a recent posting on private messenger. Done with first article. Next one is a sales letter for newsletter sign-up. Thank you. Blessings. Shalom, Emilou I.

"How perfect! Angel Tree is so very close to my heart. And I actually get a chance to write about it! Only God can set up an opportunity like that!" It was an absolute joy to write, edit, and revise. I wrote it, posted it, then forgot about it. I was astonished when I got a notice that I was a third place winner! I actually ran through the house yelling, "I won. I won. I won!" It was my first monthly contest entry. To win was absolutely unthinkable to me! I've had to redefine my life lately, so winning the contest was a wonderful affirmation that writing can truly make indelible footprints for the gospel.
Nancy, Sierra Vista, AZ

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in the Angel Tree Contest. To God be all the glory that I won the silver category. It was a learning process for me as I'm learning to write to a topic and with a deadline. I also learned more on how to say more with less words, being very conscious of my word countGod will continue to bless you as you give us Christian Writers a healthy platform to showcase our works. Grace Aideloje, Nigeria (Grace won a Gold membership.)

Mike - Faithwriters has opened up a world of possiblities to me in writing. A few days ago, I counted up the number of times my articles have been accessed. Over 35,000! And, I hear from people all over the world and have developed a pen-pal relationship with a fellow writer from Minneapolis. Faithwriters has encouraged and motivated me to write, write, write which has long been a dream of mine. Now that I am semi-retired, I have time to pursue my passion. Your website is a tremendous ministry and outreach for the Lord and encouragment to all of us. I also appreciate the information notices through your messenger service in regards to writing opportunities. I just received notice that an article of mine has been accepted for publication in the Christian Focus Magazine which you alerted us Faithwriters about. I submitted an article, and it was accepted. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Dan White, Pastor of North Columbia Church, Appling, GA

Hey there Mike and Bea! Just thought I would give you an update that THANKS TO FAITHWRITERS, I have now been published several times online and now have even been published TWICE in a major print publication (and have a couple more coming soon!)I can't thank you enough for the doors you have opened for me! And as I take the next steps and design the website and blog, I will continue to "home-base" off your site and link to you guys as much as possible to other writers can find you as well. THANKS! Christine P.

I sold two short story Christian love stories to Oaktara due out for Christmas2012. December anthology called "I Choose You". My stories are called "A Friend of Mine" and "A Sunday Kind of Love" I cannot tell you how exciting this is for a novice like me! Lynn G.

Hi Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I submitted an article to one of the magazines that was looking for freelance writers via the private messenger. Good news- M A R Y! Magazine is going to be publishing my article. Thank you for the opportunity.
God bless you, Marie

Dear Michael, Several weeks ago I saw a job posting on Faithwriters from OneHope Ministries. I applied for it, but didn't get it. However, a couple of weeks later, a different department at OneHope contacted me to do some work for them. I was thrilled.The project was postponed and then put back on the calendar, so I had only one week to do a nine chapter teacher's manual. It was grueling, but also exhilerating. The manual will accompany a teen study book that will be used in South Africa. I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do some level of mission work from my desk here at home and let you know that you had a hand in whatever God does with this project, too. Thank you again! Be blessed, Debby

Hi Mike, Thank you FaithWriters! I applied yesterday from the emailed job notification and I got hired today.I will apply to another job opportunity you emailed. Haydee

Quote from Kimberly who won the PTL blog contest for paid writing assignments.-"Thank you for the news. My husband and I are truly elated and in a bit of shock. I am very excited to work with Katherine and support the ministry at PTL. I believe they are a sincere ministry faithfully fulfilling Jesus' commission to His church. "I am thankful and thoroughly privileged to receive an opportunity to further Jesus' kingdom. If I can have any part in the honor of revealing Jesus to a lost world, then I am one truly blessed. Thanks to PTL for allowing me to partner in their work of spreading the gospel of peace. Thanks as well Mike; Faithwriters is a platform and training ground for so many writers to begin what God has called them to." Faithwriters is a great organization. I really grew through my experience with it. Blessings, Tammy Bovee 2 Cor. 4:7

"I have been a platinum member since I first joined about eight years ago. Faithwriters has been a catalyst for my writing career. Through Faithwriters, I was contacted by Heart of God International and began writing for their monthly on-line magazine. I still submit occasionally to them. I now write a monthly article for another on-line magazine, My Friend Debbie. In December of 2011 my first book, From the Heart of a Woman, was published. I gave Faithwriter all the credit for getting my career started, and appears on the back cover. I am in the process of having a children's book published, The ABC Animal Adventures. It should be out this summer. I am 78 years old and just began my second career thanks to Faithwriters. " Sylvia Hensel - Virginia Beach, VA

The website is great, and has been a great asset to me as I pursue writing for Christ. Beyond job opportunities it also has allowed me to share a lot of the stuff God has put on my heart over the years, and to interact with other like minded writers. But yes, I did find the writing opportunity at The Pocket Testament League through Faithwriters, and it has been a great experience so far. I really can't thank everyone who makes Faithwriters possible enough for helping me find this opportunity. Thomas Harwick - Edwards, CA

I just received word from Robert at CNT he is going to publish my personal testimony story "His Mysterious Ways" in his offline publication called "Christ and You." He will be sending me a copy of it in the mail. I'm so excited about this, and you told me to let you know how it is going. I just started writing for the first time in my life a few months ago so this is something I am very happy about. God Bless." Lynn Gipson - South Haven, MS

"The Writing Challenge is a wonderful inspiration for coming up with stories you might not have, otherwise. What members sometimes don't realize is the potential of those stories and articles once they're written. I personally went on to sell several of my Challenge entries to paying publications. Not only is my pocketbook a little heavier, but my writing resume' is, too." Lynda Lee Schab - MI

"There's simply nothing like FaithWriters' Writing Challenge anywhere on the internet.You'll develop the disciplines of writing to a topic, writing to a deadline, and writing within a word limit--all in a safe and nurturing environment of fellow Christian writers who will encourage and mentor you while you hone your craft. " Jan Ackerson - Three Oaks, MI

"One of my articles posted on your site "Calming the Storms of My Heart" has been accepted for publication in the God's Way Series - a writing opportunity that I learned about through your site. ...I am so very thankful. " Shellye Horowitz - Blasingame, MA

"My name is Rachel… and I am addicted to the FaithWriters Challenges. In all seriousness, the Challenges have helped and inspired me so much that it's hard not to enter. On weeks that I just can't think of anything to write, it's a huge frustration." Rachel Burkum - Griswold, IN

"This is great! I think I just got a job writing a column for our local paper. I could encourage others, when or if they write me, and want to learn more about writing to join FaithWriters!"
Bob Gippner - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

FaithWriters offers Christian writer training and Christian author training that includes Christian writing lessons, Christian article publishing, Christian poem publishing, Christian Bible study publishing. We help Christian writers improve by helping them to perfect their Christian writing. We promote their Christian articles by targeting Christian readers. Together we write for Jesus, Christian magazine articles and Christian books for Christian readers.