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If you are seeking Christian writers, you have come to the right place. You can have confidence when you hire the best Christian writers from our site. We have been online since 2000 and have thousands of qualified Christian writers and hundreds of thousands of Christian articles. Our Christian writers and Christian editors have provided services for countless online and print publications over the years. We offer free and for sale articles covering many topics.

For several years now FaithWriters has run a weekly writing challenge so every member can become a better Christian writer. The writers are given a topic, word count and a deadline to meet. There are four levels of writers and all entries are read and voted on by our panel of judges. These articles provide content seekers a glimpse into the abundance of talent FaithWriters has to offer. Go HERE and read a few of our Challenge entries.

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"I wanted to send you a message saying thank you. Your site is amazing, and it has helped me to find great writers for my online magazine. Thank you so much for offering this site." Thanks Brenda - Faith, Truth & Love Magazine

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Joanne Sher is a longtime FaithWriters member and former English teacher. Editing is one of her loves and talents. She has had assorted short fiction and nonfiction published in magazines and anthologies, and she has edited works of all lengths, from microfiction to novel-length manuscripts. She also edits devotionals regularly for a devotional blog, and is the blogger for the FaithWriters blog.

You can find more information about Joanne at her blog,

Rates: Between one and two cents per word.

"Joanne Sher is a delight to work with. She is quick, efficient, and to the point. I look forward to working with Joanne in the future, and highly recommend her to anyone."
~ Dr. Rita Garcia

"If it weren't for Joanne Sher, I wouldn't be writing today. Her enthusiasm for FaithWriters AND writing inspired me, and her mentorship has been invaluable as I've grown from a rough amateur scribbler to published author. She always gives me exactly the level of editing I request, from a simple proofread to a full edit with detailed comments. And Jo is always positive and encouraging. She is the first one I turn to when I need an editor."
- Catrina Bradley

Line or Content Editing by Linda Germain.

Published and award-winning writer. Faithwriter member since 2003.

B.S. In English and Former R.N.; other courses in writing and editing.

Experienced in fiction, non-fiction, newsletters, personal letters, medical copy, and more.

Creative and focused. Attention to detail includes researching foreign words or places for correct spelling and confirmation of Scripture references.

Easy to follow suggested corrections and recommendations. Finished clean copy returned to you. (I will be happy to do one page free as a sample.)

References on request.

Charge: $.02 per word USD. No charge for titles, chapter headings, blurbs, prefaces, or forwards.

Most important is prayer over your written words for guidance in making them as polished and ready as we can get them to the Glory of our Lord!

Rates: From .02 to .03 per word.

"I have used Linda's editing services for years, both for my books and Internet articles.She is exceptionally good at what she does, and equally important, reliable. She does what she says she will do and she does it on time. It is also worthy of note that she gives an author's work a personal touch that goes above and beyond just being a good editor. She has excellent ideas and the ability to help restructure writing for greater clarity. No matter what you write, no matter the forum, Linda will make it better without changing your message. I have always been pleased with her work and recommend her highly."
Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr.

"It is a pleasure to recommend Linda Germain's editing services. I have been consistently pleased with Linda's excellent work. She has helped me with editing projects, given me creative advice concerning my radio show copy, and given me new perspectives when I have gotten stuck and was unable to fully communicate a particular idea to my readers."
B. McLendon
Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host

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Teresa has been editing for and coaching writers for a dozen years. She has written and edited dozens of technical books and published over a hundred newspaper and magazine articles, fiction and a play in five acts. She has taught college writing and at writers' seminars across the United States. You can see her credentials on her website: www.writing-excellence.com.

Warm regards,

Teresa Crumpton, MFA in Writing
Inspirare LLC


Rates: Comprehensive editing and coaching is $.016 per word.

"Teresa has the global eye for the big picture--what works and what doesn't work. She also has the eagle eye for detail so necessary in the final polishing stage before submission. Without fail, her valuable comments and suggestions are offered with skill, encouragement, honesty, and compassion."
Edith M. Hemingway,
MFA in Writing Author of Road to Tater Hill, Delacorte Press, 2009 Winner of 2009 Parents' Choice Gold Award

"Teresa taught me scene sequencing, conflict building, POV, and much more. Her enthusiasm for my writing brought me back to the joy of fiction. She has the ability to focus on the larger story, character traits, and building to a fantastic climax. Her imagination is out of this world. As of today, three editors and one agent have asked for my full manuscript. I can thank Teresa for getting me this far. I've recommended her to other writers looking for a way out of the blues, writers who get bogged down and need a new perspective. I think she's the greatest."
Karen Benson Author,
Journey, Historical Fiction

hire Christian writers

Noel Mitaxa is an Aussie storyteller. He has syndicated his weekly Good News column in Australian secular newspapers for over twenty years; a syndication that's recently expanded into Australia's armed services and to the USA and the UK.

His insights come from decades of working with people: as an employment counsellor; then as a pastor and a chaplain in industry and sports; and from living up close as a husband, father and grandfather.

Noel loves words: as powerful tools and as playful toys. He has edited a Christian sports magazine, promotional brochures, television testimony spots, children's books and pastoral care books. Most recently he assisted Christian coaches with a soccer manual that links discipleship pointers with game strategies-as a bridge to reaching young sportspeople in the developing world.

Having loved the stimulation of belonging to the FaithWriters family since early 2009, Noel is keen to assist colleagues wanting to reach secular readers with credibility and relevance.

Rates: Comprehensive editing and coaching is $.016 per word.

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