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Hope for the Journey

by Lisa Johnson

Before you were born, I carried you beneath my heart. When you were small, I held you in my arms. As you grew, I covered you with prayer. My prayer was for you to grow into a young lady who would love God with all your heart. I wanted you to have a life that glorified the Lord.

When you were seventeen, you decided that you were angry with God. For some reason... a reason that can only make sense to a seventeen year old girl... you decided to date “the worst boy you could find.” It broke my heart to see you choose a path so far removed from the one I knew God had for you.

I know that you tried to make something good out of your life, despite your bad choices. You tried so hard, but every choice has its consequences. The sad truth of your situation was this... the worst boy you could find refused to even try to become a good man... a godly man.

For six years, you, and then your children, suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a sociopath. For six years, I cried as I prayed a hedge of protection around the four of you... praying for God to deliver you and your precious children from the hell you were living in. It was heart-wrenching to watch you going through such horrible things, but you had to see, for yourself, the realities of your situation.

God answers prayers in one of three ways... yes... no... or wait. Waiting is never easy, but God's timing is perfect. Your heart softened to God's direction, and He graciously provided the means for you and the children to escape, without any outside interference. My heart jumped for joy when you and the children stood on my doorstep, and I knew God had answered my prayers.

Escaping was just the first step of a long journey back into God's plan for your life. Unfortunately, you are very vulnerable at this time, my precious daughter. Knowing this, I want to encourage you to seek God's will... and guard your heart.


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