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Name: Charla Diehl 
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Articles written: 199

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My love for writing was ignited in the fourth grade. Making sentences with the weekly spelling words was an assignment I truly looked forward to. My six grandchildren fill my life with blessings. Walking and quilting are things I enjoy in addition to writing. I started a blog site as a writing assignment a while back, and try to keep it current. If you'd like to check it out, the address is: momentswithhim.blogspot.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/18/13 Gratitude in Seasons 211 Free to Share
08/22/08 Love With A Believing Heart 739 Free to Share
08/15/08 One Night in the Town of Bethlehem 842 Free to Share
07/22/08 Seek and You Will Find 915 Free to Share
06/30/08 Nightmares Once Dreamed 652 Free to Share
06/28/08 Fast Friends 721 For Sale
06/19/08 Is That You, God? 777 Free to Share
06/19/08 From Mansion to Manger 654 For Sale
06/14/08 Only God 631 Free to Share
06/14/08 Mama's Poem 859 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/13/15 The Aftermath of Easter
05/06/15 A Hypocrite Turned Needy
04/29/15 Seeking Shelter Through Life Storms
04/22/15 The Shadows of My Youth
04/14/15 With the Spiritís Prompting
04/08/15 Hatredís Prisoner, Heavenís Peace
03/11/15 Visions of Beauty
03/04/15 Determined Destinies
02/25/15 Pitfalls, Flaws and Humble Applause
02/18/15 Shades of Green
02/11/15 Patterns of A Father
02/03/15 The Dreams Within Our Core
01/27/15 Your Wealth Is Where Your Heart Is
01/21/15 Enough is Enough
01/14/15 Lures and Cures
12/03/14 Bone-chilled Shoulders and Twinkling Eyes
10/22/14 Shadows and Sonlight
09/17/14 The Road Trip from Heaven
08/13/14 Foundations Through Generations
08/07/14 Just Grab Hold
07/22/14 A Winking Dawn, A Humble Kiss
05/14/14 Truth Stands the Test of Time
05/07/14 In Sheer Desperation
04/22/14 Deadly Greed
04/16/14 A Video, A Googler, A Grandma and God
04/09/14 Where Mama Went for Soothing Help
03/05/14 Finally Nations Confess
02/26/14 The Muck of Life
02/19/14 Feeble-Faith Decisions
02/12/14 U-turns Allowed
02/04/14 The Pendulum Swings
01/21/14 In Weakness Strength Excels
01/15/14 No Expiration Destination
01/08/14 The Visitor
12/11/13 With Words She Painted
11/20/13 Walking With Sandaled Feet
11/13/13 Watching Patiently Until. . .
10/30/13 From the Deep Blue Sea
10/16/13 Diary Pages Torn and Tattered
10/09/13 One Sunny Vale
09/04/13 The Abundance of Life
08/28/13 Monsoon Miracles
08/14/13 Strangely Beautiful
08/07/13 Looking Into Noahís Mirror
07/31/13 Heavenís Fuel
06/12/13 Departure From Beacon Street
05/29/13 When Hearts Donít Stir
05/22/13 Stall Tall Before Tomorrow Comes
05/15/13 Storm Stories
05/08/13 Davidís Tangled Web
05/01/13 Her Tarnished Jewel
04/24/13 Technology Used and Abused
04/17/13 With The Tickling of a Sneeze
04/10/13 Drenched in Forgiveness
03/13/13 Stumbling in Baby Shoes
02/27/13 Surrendering to Thee
02/06/13 Prophecy of the Shepherds
01/30/13 When Words Come Alive
01/23/13 Worthy Goals and Weary Souls
01/16/13 Gratitude in Seasons
01/08/13 Guard Your Heart
11/28/12 Synchronized With Heaven's Choir
11/21/12 The Gavel's in Mid-air
11/14/12 Two Small Coins
10/31/12 The Mister and The Lad
10/24/12 In the Shadows of Gethsemane
10/17/12 Connect the Dots
10/09/12 No Laughing Matter
08/30/12 By Heaven's Grace
08/22/12 A Dumpster Diving Angel
08/15/12 Whetting Your Appetite
08/08/12 Fruits--Good For The Soul
08/01/12 Mabel's Fowled Up Pie
07/11/12 Sweet Communion
06/13/12 A Heart's Inheritance
05/30/12 Words of Anguish
05/23/12 Timekeeper, Help us Hear
05/16/12 The Change
05/01/12 I Am Not A Pauper
04/25/12 Free At Last
04/18/12 The Weaver
03/14/12 Attain The Gain
02/27/12 Picture Power
02/15/12 When Night Settled In
02/01/12 Whittling Tools in the Masterís Hand
01/25/12 A Field of Workers
01/18/12 Heavy Hearts with Faces Red
01/11/12 The Price Tag Was Love
11/02/11 Words of A Sage
10/19/11 Empty Spaces
09/14/11 Appointments For September 11, 2001
08/30/11 The Cost of Discontentment
08/10/11 Izhe's Rebellion
07/27/11 Balanced With Perfection
07/20/11 Million Dollar Moments
07/13/11 A Little Boy's Quiet Talk
06/15/11 Slumber Scenes
06/08/11 Worn Out Shoes and Tattered Clothes
06/01/11 AxedSellerRations
05/25/11 The Highfalutin Widow
05/18/11 So They Can Dance
05/04/11 Deflated in the Face of Defeat
04/27/11 Have You Ever. . .
04/13/11 Storms of the Soul
03/16/11 Hope Needed Now
03/09/11 A Ticking Clock on Hearts Shall Knock
03/02/11 The Deadly Trio
02/23/11 Seashells in the Desert
02/08/11 Awaken Me
02/01/11 Light Shatters the Cavern
01/25/11 Gramma's Reflections
11/02/10 Sparks of Evil Fuel Hell's Fire
10/27/10 Personal Connections
10/15/10 The Confrontation
09/08/10 A Mother's Nightmare
09/01/10 Expressions
08/23/10 Cycles of Life
08/18/10 Just a Beginning
08/11/10 Whispery Words
07/28/10 Scenes From The Master's Hand
07/21/10 A Flavorful Marriage
07/15/10 While Walking A Windswept Shore
05/26/10 Frustrations and Felines
04/28/10 Grafted and Grateful
04/21/10 Who But You
04/14/10 Sinister Smirks and Soft Caresses
03/17/10 Awed by God
02/24/10 Drownin' In My Tears
02/10/10 Emotions
02/03/10 Buried Treasure
01/27/10 Too Late
01/20/10 Bruised Up Knees and Bended Backs
11/18/09 Life is Dandy
11/04/09 A Tale of Three Lies
10/28/09 Gone Missing--No Kissing
10/21/09 I Grabbed His Rope
10/14/09 Resolve
10/05/09 Sunsets
09/16/09 A Nesterís Prayer
09/09/09 Kaleidoscope Memories
08/26/09 At Arms Length
07/15/09 Fifties Fun
07/07/09 Side Porch Memories
06/03/09 In Silence We Speak
05/27/09 Heavenly Rooms or Sulfury Fumes
05/20/09 The Good Book and His DarlinĎ
05/13/09 The Loaded Gun
04/29/09 Two Sisters Wept
04/22/09 Didnít Count on Aida
04/14/09 Flickering Flames of the Heart
04/08/09 Look Up When You're Down
03/18/09 Reviews of Her Preview
03/09/09 My African Experience
01/13/09 E.G.O.
12/09/08 Shopping Sprees and Bended Knees
11/26/08 Waiting on God
11/05/08 Lighten Up
10/29/08 Prepared By Choice
10/22/08 Cookies for Two
10/15/08 Paper Ornament Memories
10/07/08 Blessings and Blowing Winds
09/17/08 The Wining Score
09/09/08 Snap Out Of It--Or Else
09/03/08 Annamae's Mystery
08/27/08 Mom Plus One
08/13/08 A oving Devotion
08/04/08 Lonely Roads and Stoney Paths
07/29/08 Neologism?
06/12/08 The Memory Book
05/07/08 Playmates and Friends
04/16/08 Gone Too Soon
02/25/08 MaryRose and the Cowboy
02/06/08 ĎFredlyí Behavior and My Savior
01/30/08 Disguises, Detours and Dads
01/08/08 From Torn to Reborn
11/28/07 A Home for Teresa
11/12/07 Seeing With Your Heart
11/07/07 A Plan For Me?
11/01/07 Christian Edification
10/18/07 Companions in Christ
09/11/07 Take Note
08/22/07 Cookin' For the Love of It
08/08/07 The Eyes Said It All
08/01/07 The Unwanted
07/22/07 My Friends Won't Call Me Grace
07/18/07 Joyful Hearts
06/07/07 A Lesson Before Breakfast
05/28/07 A Night Well Spent
02/25/06 Just Call Out His Name

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07/22/2008 Seek and You Will Find