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Name: Michael Hume
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Articles written: 70

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Christian since 1987. Writer with a a desire to serve God.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/16/14 Facing multiple trials 117 Free to Share
02/01/14 The One thing 116 Free to Share
12/05/13 Reading more of the Bible each day 122 Free to Share
09/11/13 Gardens 149 For Sale
07/16/13 What God will do for one person 186 Free to Share
06/18/13 Victory always 184 Free to Share
05/27/13 God's covenant 175 Free to Share
04/17/13 Bible books, happy endings 244 Free to Share
03/24/13 Our reputation 198 Free to Share
02/24/13 Jesus prays for his disciples and us 228 Free to Share
02/24/13 Citizens of heaven 213 Free to Share
02/23/13 The truth 206 Free to Share
01/18/13 We don't compare ourselves with others 219 Free to Share
01/17/13 The light shines in the darkness 261 Free to Share
11/29/12 The parable of the ten virgins 202 Free to Share
09/30/12 A full life 315 Free to Share
09/23/12 God as listener and counsellor 302 Free to Share
09/07/12 Obedience is better than sacrifice 295 Free to Share
08/27/12 Enduring an Ironman 312 Free to Share
08/19/12 Scripture can't be broken 317 Free to Share
08/12/12 Trusting God 321 Free to Share
08/05/12 Pray always with all kinds of prayers 282 Free to Share
06/12/12 God will help us win 273 Free to Share
06/03/12 Fullness of life 550 Free to Share
05/14/12 God is high above all rule and authority 332 Free to Share
05/14/12 God the Father 380 Free to Share
04/09/12 The Bible is many things 365 Free to Share
04/03/12 There is nothing hidden 543 Free to Share
04/03/12 Walking through death's vale 388 Free to Share
04/01/12 Chosen people, royal priesthood 488 Free to Share
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Critique Circle Postings
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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
05/13/2015 Dreams and Visions
03/09/2015 God is in perfect control of His creation and your life
10/12/2014 Acquire intelligence
07/12/2014 Abide
05/17/2014 The truth
03/16/2014 Handling multiple trials
01/08/2014 Faith
11/11/2013 The Beauty of God's works
11/11/2013 The Beauty of God's works
09/02/2013 Stand in awe of God
07/16/2013 God answers prayer
06/18/2013 End Times
05/26/2013 This is God's earth
02/24/2013 Escape from peril
02/23/2013 The widow and her two coins
01/28/2013 Good works
01/20/2013 Enter through the narrow gate
10/20/2012 Four core disciplines
10/07/2012 The Christian life, and before
09/16/2012 How I came to Jesus
08/27/2012 Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?
08/06/2012 Weigh actions carefully
07/22/2012 Prayer is powerful and effective
07/03/2012 Be active, not passive
07/03/2012 Teach us to number our days
06/23/2012 I pommel my body
06/13/2012 God shows us, then we follow him
06/12/2012 Speaking God's word
05/22/2012 Physical training
05/14/2012 Judge and not be judged
05/07/2012 Standing up for the rights of others and your own
04/29/2012 Rest
04/06/2012 One mediator
04/03/2012 Contentment
04/01/2012 Rewards for the Christian
03/18/2012 Pray and don't give up
03/07/2012 God prepares in advance
03/05/2012 Study God's works
03/05/2012 Living in the present
02/19/2012 Don't be anxious
02/19/2012 You can't serve God and money
02/05/2012 Judgement
01/29/2012 God is Supreme on earth
01/12/2012 Sin,the enticer, and me.
01/09/2012 God speaks twice to confirm
01/08/2012 Family first
12/30/2011 Chess analogy with Job
12/04/2011 I AM
12/04/2011 Forgiveness
11/27/2011 Jesus
11/27/2011 Humility
11/11/2011 Worship God
11/11/2011 Endurance
11/05/2011 Praying and persisting
11/05/2011 Judas the traitor
10/16/2011 Speaking in tongues
10/08/2011 Elijah
10/02/2011 Think, use your mind
08/29/2011 Spiritual Warfare - the cross
08/28/2011 Gods Promises keep faith alive
08/19/2011 God will provide
08/09/2011 Praying through hard times
08/09/2011 Prayer and sanctification
07/26/2011 prayer and solitude
07/24/2011 References to Jesus
07/17/2011 Integrity
07/17/2011 Time,
07/07/2011 Overcoming oppression
06/22/2011 One person one church
06/19/2011 Trust God
06/09/2011 Discerning God's voice
04/10/2011 The Bible
04/10/2011 Star differs from star in glory
04/09/2011 Fasting and eating vegetables.
03/09/2011 Intercession