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Name: Beth LaBuff 
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Articles written: 111

 About Self
Before Beth LaBuff and her husband, Tilman, moved to the high desert of Arizona, she lived most of her life surrounded by the corn fields of Adair County, Iowa. She enjoys writing narrative light verse, with many of her poems having a rural flavor and most giving a nod to a Bible phrase or event.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/18/13 Ziggurat 230 For Sale
03/16/08 Off With Their Heads 1139 Free to Share
12/30/07 Word from the Beginning 1115 Free to Share
09/30/07 The Iceboxing Match 1791 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
06/10/14 Aubade for Job
05/07/14 Go for the Great
03/05/14 . . . 997 KA
02/10/14 Elizabeth Has Left the Building
01/08/14 Hero Dreams
11/20/13 Locusts and Wild Honey
10/16/13 Something Blue
06/10/13 Pax et Benedictio
04/17/13 Portent
04/08/13 If
02/26/13 Paht-choon'-ta
02/05/13 Staff Infection
01/28/13 Leviticus
01/16/13 Ziggurat
12/11/12 Roving Exhibit
12/04/12 Lost Dutchman Mine
11/19/12 You do the Crime--You'll do the Time
10/30/12 Calypso Cultural Park
10/08/12 Obsolete Appellation Numerations
09/05/12 Junk Food National Historic Site
07/24/12 Pot of Ailment OF Pot of Aliment
07/17/12 Martha's Kitchen
05/22/12 Haute Cuisine
05/02/12 Prelude
01/31/12 Stellar Appellations
12/14/11 The Offspring of Malachi Blue
11/12/11 The Nightmare Before Thanksgiving on Cranberry Street
11/01/11 Quest for the Gossamer Snail
10/19/11 Plain Crash
06/13/11 The Brigadier and the Merchant's Daughter
05/24/11 The Hermit Crab's New Shell
05/03/11 This is the Father
04/26/11 Impending
02/23/11 Age--It's Relative
01/18/11 Eat Your Vegetable
01/12/11 June Bug Saga
12/07/10 Use Caution! Slow Down! Bump!
11/10/10 Fwd:
10/26/10 Neither Asteroids, Nor Shooting Stars
10/12/10 The Home Front
08/31/10 Blue Ribbon Plan
07/27/10 Third and Main
07/20/10 Incident at The Black-Caped Shadow Grill
07/13/10 Voice of the Maker
05/24/10 Sun-Block
05/18/10 Ode to a Grecian Vase
05/04/10 White Paper -- 12-Point Font
04/27/10 Worthy of the Pulitzer
04/20/10 The Great White Throne
04/13/10 Battle-Starfish Galactic
03/16/10 The Passover Lamb
03/09/10 Yard of the Month
03/02/10 Phantom of the Reptile
02/16/10 Catfish on a Hot Tin Roof
01/27/10 Resumption of Evolutionary Mutations (and other anomalies)
12/09/09 As a Fowl Hath
12/01/09 The Farmer and His Ladye
11/04/09 Barred Plymouth Rock Band
10/21/09 Big-Game's Big Game
09/15/09 It Doesn't Get Much Better
08/19/09 The Case Against a Sugar Maple
06/10/09 The Pelican Grief
06/03/09 Ale from Two Citruses
04/08/09 The Sackbut Player's Solo
03/04/09 Peking Duck
02/11/09 Everything Beautiful -- In Its Time
01/20/09 Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's...
01/13/09 Go West Young Man
12/02/08 Rest Ye Merry -- with a North Pole tilt
11/04/08 Forgive Her Trespasses
10/21/08 The Christmas Goose
10/08/08 Carol of the Bulls
09/07/08 Puddle School No. 9
08/20/08 Serengeti Subterfuge
08/06/08 Bridge to the Stars
06/12/08 Don Diego's Family
06/04/08 Swapping Rooms
05/27/08 Pride and Prejudice
04/23/08 Entertained an Alien Unaware
03/05/08 Tutankhamen -- Romance on the Nile
02/20/08 General Bullregard -- A North South Tale
02/10/08 The Commonwealth of Rover
01/23/08 Buford Goes to Fly-by-Night School
01/16/08 Le Curator of the Shed
01/06/08 Wellington, The Talk of Baxter County
12/04/07 Through the Ages
11/13/07 The Visit
11/06/07 Who Will Go? -- A Hymn of Commission
09/20/07 His Name
09/11/07 When Yonder Roll is Called
08/21/07 The Idiot's Guide
07/08/07 Go to the Ant, Thou Slug
06/11/07 The De-evolution of Planet eX-whY-Zee
06/05/07 Red Nettie of Sunny-Side Up Farm
05/29/07 Daisy's Quest
05/16/07 "Earthshine"
05/07/07 The Ballad of George Smiley
04/18/07 "Where's the Beef?"
04/11/07 ...and the gods were silent
03/05/07 Bruno’s Shopping Junket
02/27/07 The Seam Ripper
02/14/07 RUN, Do Not Walk!
02/06/07 Knitted Yarn
01/30/07 The Heirs
01/22/07 Paradise Lost -- Paradise Renewed
01/15/07 The Word from the Beginning
01/09/07 The Failure -- The Success

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
09/14/12 Galactic Light Verse
09/14/12 Light Farm Works

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
03/20/2014 Locusts and Wild Honey
03/16/2014 . . . 997 KA
06/22/2013 Pax et Benedictio
04/04/2013 Leviticus
09/14/2012 Haute Cuisine
09/14/2012 Pot of Ailment OR Pot of Aliment
09/14/2012 Martha's Kitchen
05/10/2012 Prelude
05/05/2011 Impending
11/03/2010 The Home Front
08/23/2010 Flip-Flops Under the Table
04/29/2010 The Great White Throne
12/24/2009 The Case Against a Sugar Maple
12/17/2009 As a Fowl Hath
06/21/2009 The Pelican Grief
06/21/2009 Ale from Two Citruses
05/13/2009 The Sackbut Player's Solo
03/18/2009 Everything Beautiful -- In Its Time
01/23/2009 Go West Young Man
10/31/2008 The Christmas Goose
10/16/2008 Carol of the Bulls
02/02/2008 Buford Goes to Fly-by-Night School
12/31/2007 Through the Ages
12/30/2007 Word from the Beginning
11/16/2007 Who Will Go? -- A Hymn of Commission