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Name: Jan Ackerson 
Website: www.superiorediting.biz
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Articles written: 184

 About Self
Jan is a Christian who has journeyed through grief, loss, and depression by God's faithfulness and grace. She has been married for over thirty years to her prince, and they have two adult daughters. Teaching is the family business--Jan has recently retired from teaching English to high school students with learning disabilities, and both daughters are also teachers. A terrible accident in her youngest daughter's late teens was the event that sent Jan into depression, as the family dealt with the emotional and physical difficulty of living with a loved one with a spinal cord injury. Thanks be to God--who has graced the entire family with emotional and spiritual healing. Jan has recently started a proofreading and publishing business; you can find it at http://www.superiorediting.biz She enjoys playing piano, reading, sparring with the cat, and all things chocolate.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/11/08 FaithWriters Has Changed My Life 1570 Free to Share
03/29/08 Writing Class 4 1581 For Sale
03/29/08 At The Alphabet Buffet 1103 For Sale
09/28/07 Sesame Street Obstetrician 1424 For Sale
09/21/07 Three in the Morning 1587 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
12/09/09 Garnet, Cobalt, Magenta
12/02/09 Stalled Shopping Cart in the Baking Aisle
11/25/09 Ember
11/18/09 What Mrs. Montgomery Knew
11/11/09 Life Among the Non-Purples
11/04/09 Whispers
10/27/09 Top O' The Morning
10/20/09 Natalie Tiptoes
10/13/09 Sleep, Sleep
10/06/09 Red Shirt in the Morning, Trekkie Take Warning
09/15/09 Dad's New Hobby
09/09/09 Another Fresh Sheet of Paper
09/02/09 A Ridiculous Use of Mother's VidWall
08/25/09 Unconvinced
08/18/09 Thunk
07/22/09 When God Was Kind
07/14/09 Something Like Light
07/07/09 Hush
06/09/09 Sigh
06/02/09 Catchin' Flies With Vinegar
05/27/09 Under The Skin
04/28/09 Fergus Gets the Girl
04/21/09 Marionette
04/14/09 Brilliant Plan, Mr. Domingo
04/07/09 Afraid of Everything But Dinosaurs
03/17/09 Almost Missed It
03/10/09 Seriously, Mrs. Kensington?
03/03/09 Where Are You Now, Kim Chin Wook?
02/24/09 Smitten
02/18/09 Swept Into Shadows
02/10/09 Illapa Dances Behind My Eyes
02/03/09 Strange Beauty
01/28/09 Alas, Poor Yorrick
01/20/09 Stolen
01/14/09 Like Maple Sugar Candy
12/09/08 Say What?
12/02/08 Accidentally on Purpose
11/25/08 What Jasmine Saw
11/18/08 It's Still Wrapped
11/11/08 God Unties My Shoe
11/03/08 It's Just Plain Old Laziness
10/27/08 How I Got A Present on the Twelfth Day of Christmas
10/21/08 Shouting at the Ceiling
10/13/08 Dead Christmas Tree Ice Cream
10/07/08 The Cherry Tree Carol
09/14/08 Oob Darnok's Low-Luck Day
09/07/08 The Suit Jacket of Grace
08/30/08 Truth Is Relative--Truth Is Absolute
08/25/08 Three Cards--No Play
06/10/08 Please--Read Cousin George's Story
06/03/08 Worst...Advice...EVER.
05/27/08 Quirky
05/19/08 Chased By Turtles
05/13/08 Two More Tests For Prince Pembroke
05/06/08 Poot's Hatchet
04/28/08 Beautiful Lulu
04/22/08 Thanksgiving Afternoon With the Queen of Scrabble
04/15/08 On The Other Hand...
04/08/08 Wolf
03/10/08 One Week in Dr. Lipinsky's Laboratory
03/03/08 Defiance
02/24/08 Alone In The Spotlight
02/19/08 Time Kills You Slowly
02/11/08 Guidance From Gloria
02/05/08 Perkin Loses His Purple
01/28/08 Skin Deep
01/21/08 Cinderella in Galoshes
01/15/08 Stegosaurus
01/08/08 Mr. Thrifty
12/11/07 In The Stillest Hour
12/02/07 Thumbelina Also Politely Declined
11/26/07 Terrorizing Rachel
11/18/07 If Only They Had Listened to the Sermon...
11/12/07 Background Music
11/05/07 Flames
10/31/07 Cactus and Lilies
10/23/07 Waiting in the Water
10/17/07 Rest In Peace, My Heart
10/09/07 The First Sermon of Reverend Michael Spooner
09/16/07 A Poet Rests in the 131st Psalm
09/09/07 Salute
09/03/07 Alfie Sells a Widget
08/25/07 Memo to Christian Psychologists
08/21/07 Sniggles
08/05/07 Little One, Relax
08/01/07 What I Did At Peggy's Funeral
07/22/07 Permanent Marker
07/18/07 Whenever I See That Scar...
07/11/07 Searching for Happily Ever After
06/10/07 Stained
06/03/07 The Treasure on Page 724
05/28/07 Into the Sunlight
05/19/07 Megan's Hands
05/13/07 Hope, With Wings
05/06/07 A Kind Woman Lives Here
04/29/07 After the Unspeakable Minute
04/23/07 Jean's Double Word Play
04/15/07 Ten Things the Mother of the Bride Needs to Know
04/08/07 Does Rose...?
03/10/07 Allelu
03/05/07 Obvious
02/26/07 I Learn Something New About Millie
02/18/07 Hobnobbing With the Rich Folks
02/12/07 Prayer Weaver
02/04/07 On The Forty-First Day: A Drama In One Act
01/30/07 Iron and Ice
01/21/07 A Child's Hand, Reaching
01/13/07 Writing Maranda
01/08/07 Sacrament
12/10/06 A Dozen Crumpled Pages
12/03/06 Wink
11/27/06 The Dung Beetle's Story
11/19/06 Shingles, Rabies, Whooping Cough
11/12/06 Lance Goodbody, Lifeguard Extraordinaire
11/05/06 Dr. Dabbs Takes a Leave of Absence
10/30/06 What the Mouse Started
10/22/06 Losing Myself
10/15/06 Officer O'Malley's Beat
10/07/06 Smoke and Shadows
09/08/06 I'm Being Good, Mama
09/02/06 A Snapping Turtle, A Catfish, and A Chicken Bone
08/26/06 Chasing Claire
08/18/06 Do Not Linger Here
08/12/06 The Dirt-Dweller's Story
08/07/06 The True Story of the Three Blind Mice
07/30/06 Confessions of the Anti-Martha
07/22/06 Six Years--Thirty Steps--One Heart
07/14/06 The Devil on My Desk
07/07/06 Finding Gracie's Joy
06/19/06 Brownies, Cappuccino, and Grace
06/11/06 Cornucopia
06/03/06 Taking Care Of Moose
05/28/06 Dr. Krebnitz's Moment of Glory
05/21/06 Mmmm
05/13/06 Bumper Crop
04/29/06 Ever After, Upside Down
04/23/06 Denim and Lace
04/08/06 Fish Bones
03/09/06 Lord Love A Duck
03/01/06 The Psalmist at the Gate
02/23/06 Cashmere, Umbrellas, and Gooseberries
02/16/06 Swing Low
02/10/06 Shattered
02/02/06 Feline Instruction Manual--Chapter 6
01/26/06 Sticky Note
01/18/06 Genesis: A Poem in Prose
01/09/06 The Fox Speaks--The Bird Speaks
01/03/06 The Prince
12/05/05 Two in a Tree
11/28/05 May Mystery
11/21/05 After the Kiss
11/14/05 Peasant, Servant, King
10/31/05 The Rocks Still Wait
10/24/05 Tantalizing Tidbits
10/17/05 Reign, Rein, Rain
10/03/05 Meditation on Isaiah 35
09/12/05 The Innkeeper's Daughter
09/05/05 Gathering Darkness
08/29/05 Jingles by Joyce
08/15/05 In Jennifer's Mansion
08/08/05 Even Though
08/01/05 Beloved, Come Away
07/25/05 Tiffanie's Treasure
07/18/05 Judith's Foot
07/12/05 Camping Follies
07/05/05 Lessons in the Sand
06/06/05 In My Father's House
05/31/05 Shemuel's Story
05/23/05 Angel Celebrations: Birthday Division
05/16/05 Pursued
05/09/05 New Year's Resolutions I'd LIKE To See
05/02/05 Tears
04/25/05 Sonnet of the Wise Men
04/18/05 Planning Session
04/11/05 Legacy
04/04/05 Tapestry
03/14/05 Down Country Roads
03/07/05 The Bargainer
03/06/05 Stuffed Love

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
10/19/05 Snake To Woman
03/09/05 At the Altar

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/09/2011 Marionette
08/09/2011 Brilliant Plan, Mr. Domingo
08/09/2011 Afraid of Everything But Dinosaurs
08/09/2011 Almost Missed It
08/09/2011 Seriously, Mrs. Kensington?
08/09/2011 Where Are You Now, Kim Chin Wook?
08/09/2011 Smitten
08/09/2011 Swept Into Shadows
08/09/2011 Illapa Dances Behind My Eyes
08/09/2011 Strange Beauty
08/09/2011 Alas, Poor Yorrick
08/09/2011 Stolen
08/09/2011 Like Maple Sugar Candy
08/09/2011 Accidentally On Purpose
08/09/2011 What Jasmine Saw
08/09/2011 God Unties My Shoe
08/09/2011 It's Just Plain Old Laziness
08/09/2011 Shouting at the Ceiling
08/09/2011 Dead Christmas Tree Ice Cream
08/09/2011 The Cherry Tree Carol
08/09/2011 Oob Darnok's Low Luck Day
08/09/2011 The Suit Jacket of Grace
08/09/2011 Three Cards, No Play
08/09/2011 Garnet, Cobalt, Magenta
08/25/2008 Please--Read Cousin George's Story
08/25/2008 Worst. Advice. Ever.
08/25/2008 Quirky
08/25/2008 Chased By Turtles
08/25/2008 Two More Tests for Prince Pembroke
08/25/2008 Poot's Hatchet
08/25/2008 Beautiful Lulu
08/25/2008 Thanksgiving Afternoon With the Queen of Scrabble
08/25/2008 On the Other Hand...
08/25/2008 Wolf
08/25/2008 One Week in Dr. Lapinsky's Laboratory
08/25/2008 Defiance
08/25/2008 Alone in the Spotlight
08/25/2008 Time Kills You Slowly
08/25/2008 Guidance From Gloria
08/25/2008 Perkin Loses His Purple
08/25/2008 Skin Deep
08/25/2008 Cinderella in Galoshes
08/25/2008 Stegosaurus
08/25/2008 Mr. Thrifty
08/25/2008 In The Stillest Hour
08/25/2008 Thumbelina Also Politely Declined
08/25/2008 Terrorizing Rachel
08/25/2008 If Only They Had Listened to the Sermon
01/29/2008 Background Music
01/29/2008 Flames
01/29/2008 Cactus and Lilies
01/29/2008 Waiting in the Water
01/29/2008 Rest in Peace, My Heart
01/29/2008 The First Sermon of Reverend Michael Spooner
01/29/2008 A Poet Rests in the 131st Psalm
01/29/2008 Alfie Sells A Widget
01/29/2008 Memo to Christian Psychologists
01/29/2008 Sniggles
08/21/2007 Little One, Relax
08/21/2007 Stained
08/21/2007 Into the Sunlight
08/21/2007 Megan's Hands
08/21/2007 Hope, With Wings
05/22/2007 Does Rose...?
05/22/2007 Ten Things the Mother of the Bride Needs To Know
05/22/2007 Jean's Double Word Play
05/22/2007 After the Unspeakable Minute
05/22/2007 A Kind Woman Lives Here
03/27/2007 Allelu
03/27/2007 Obvious
03/27/2007 I Learn Something New About Millie
03/27/2007 Hobnobbing With the Rich Folks
03/27/2007 On the Forty-First Day: A Comedy in One Act
03/27/2007 Iron and Ice
02/07/2007 A Child's Hand, Reaching
01/18/2007 Sacrament
01/08/2007 Wink
12/11/2006 Dung Beetle
11/30/2006 Shingles, Rabies, Whooping Cough
11/28/2006 Lance Goodbody, Lifeguard Extraordinaire
11/02/2006 Losing Myself
10/26/2006 Officer O'Malley's Beat
10/21/2006 Smoke and Shadows
09/25/2006 I'm Being Good, Mama
09/25/2006 A Snapping Turtle, A Catfish, and A Chicken Bone
09/25/2006 Chasing Claire
09/25/2006 The Dirt-Dweller's Story
09/25/2006 Confessions of the Anti-Martha
09/25/2006 Finding Gracie's Joy
09/25/2006 Feline Instruction Manual--Chapter 6
09/25/2006 Brownies, Cappuccino, and Grace
09/25/2006 Cornucopia
09/25/2006 Dr. Krebnitz's Moment of Glory
09/25/2006 Mmmm
09/25/2006 Bumper Crop
09/25/2006 Denim and Lace
09/25/2006 The Psalmist at the Gate
09/25/2006 Swing Low
09/25/2006 Shattered
09/25/2006 Sticky Note
09/25/2006 Two in a Tree
09/25/2006 The Rocks Still Wait
09/25/2006 Reign, Rein, Rain
09/25/2006 Meditation on Isaiah 35
09/25/2006 The Innkeeper's Daughter
09/25/2006 Gathering Darkness
09/25/2006 In Jennifer's Mansion
09/25/2006 Even Though
09/25/2006 Lessons in the Sand
09/25/2006 Shemuel's Story
09/25/2006 Angel Celebrations: Birthday Division
09/25/2006 Tears
09/25/2006 Sonnet of the Wise Men
09/25/2006 Planning Session
09/24/2006 At the Altar
09/24/2006 Snake to Woman
09/24/2006 Putting Things Away
09/24/2006 Waterproof Zoo
09/24/2006 Standing on the Promises
09/24/2006 Superficial
09/24/2006 I Stalk the Battlefields
09/24/2006 Uphill
09/24/2006 Spun Sugar Flowers