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I liked the progression of this poem.

A few lines didn't fit well for me rhythmically.

I loved the last stanza. It's what it's all about!
This really resonated with me. I so identify with the MC. Some of the lines felt forced (the one with dog for example) But then poetry isn't my strong suit. The message is so clear and one I often need to be reminded of. I thought you nailed the topic in a creative way.
Oh, I really liked this! Though I think it has a sadness to it – because I think many people do actually blog just to convince themselves that someone out there cares what they have to say! It is like so many people have an emptiness of meaning and you end this so well by saying our meaning is with God! Terrific job on this!
Beautiful, this is an excellent entry. And the ending solidifies that which we all know - God hears us and loves us unconditionally.

Great job on this. God Bless you~
I also love the reassuring note that you have built up to.
You've captured the essence of blogging for the blogger and presented in perfect meter and rhyme. Wow!
I love this poem. You are using your writing skill for God's glory. Keep writing!
I thought this had a sadness - most people want to be known and leave some sort of legacy behind. Isn't if wonderful we have God who is mindful of us at all times? You pointed this out for us in your last stanza.
I thought some of the rhyming was a weeny bit strained but that maybe because I'm from the UK an read words differently - I have the same problem in reverse when I submit poetry.
A very poignant piece - thanks for sharing!
Oh dear, I've just discovered you come from Bonny Scotland UK. But that probable makes the pronunciation even more severe - me coming from England UK!
This is an excellent poem describing the reasons for blogging, and the desire to be known for some people. I especially like the closing statement of assurance that our heavenly Father reads our hearts and know we are here.
I am so glad this received a win! I loved it so-thought it was fabulous and so well written.

Congratulations on a job well done. God Bless you~
Excellent word choices and a lovely message. Congratulations on your EC!