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Excellent stuff. An example of showing not telling about how these things can take over. I felt sorry for the husband - and then the conviction hit me that I do exactly the same thing to my husband! Excellent writing. A compelling and convicting rad.
Oh man that last line killed me -- it was brilliant. You have masterfully described the horrific senseless cycle so many bloggers (myself included) can fall into when priorities are not in focus.
Aahhh, I love that last part with the husband driving away! I agree that you showed us what was happening, and very well, too!
This really pulled at my heart. I wanted to scream "Pay attention to your husband!" It may seem silly to some but I often get jealous that my husband spends more time with his computer than me. Well done!
This was terrific! Such a relevant message! Wonder just how many people out there ignore the people in their “real” life to more saturate themselves in the “fantasy” of the computer world!
You gave such a vivid view in the husband being ignored and her being too blind to see! And even worse than ignoring the people in our lives, is ignoring God while we sit hours on the computer! That last line packs the final punch! This is so powerful and my absolute favorite read so far!
Ouch! Last night my husband went to bed with no dinner because I was blogging! Amazing how addicted we get to feedback.
I thought Mack might end up communicating with his wife by commenting on her blog. Have to admit, the last statement did not connect the dots satisfactorily for me, but story well told, point well made.
WOW! This was so powerful and masterfully done! I am sitting here in awe how you managed to take the "topic" into such a deep area of society today.

This could be just about any couple I know. Many have said the computer "can be the instrument of the enemy" if used in excess - clearly this was the case here.

Fantastic job! Phenomenal!

God Bless you~
Challenging stuff and very credibly expressed. Succinct emotional pictures and dialogue that sticks to your theme. Very well presented.
Wow! A chilling warning. Excellent work! Again, wow!
In my book, this is a winner. Surprise ending was perfect. I easily get lost in writing too.
Congratulations Tracy!!!
Congratulations, Mate :-) Job well done!
This was such a powerful story I loved this! So glad it made its way into recognition.

Congratulations on your well deserved HR win! I look forward to your future entries.

God Bless you~