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Name: CD Swanson 
Website: www.cdswanson.com
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Articles written: 132

 About Self
I'm in love with God. And, I'm happily married to my best friend for over thirty years. We live on the East Coast with our little "boy" Max. I have a devotional website, called "Dear God With Love" and it is to Him that I pour out my heart and praise. I have written over fourteen books to date--which can be found online at all major dealers, also on my website under My Books tab--and contribute to various websites and online magazines worldwide. I'm blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family here at Faithwriters. God Bless~
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/30/13 His Voice 234 Free to Share
09/21/12 Dear God We Stand Strong in Your Love and Light 267 Free to Share
08/21/12 Dear God Set Us Free 330 Not For Sale
08/21/12 Dear God Thanks for the Past, Present and Future 279 For Sale
08/21/12 Dear God Thanks for the Past, Present and Future 256 For Sale
08/11/12 Dear God We Flow Smoothly in Your Word and Love 279 For Sale
07/04/12 Dear God I Want To Be A Doer 258 Free to Share
06/30/12 Devoted to Getting The Word Out 280 Free to Share
05/19/12 Dear God You fill Our Need 296 Free to Share
04/30/12 Dear God May I Sit On This Bench With You? 480 Free to Share
04/07/12 Our Savior 345 Free to Share
02/27/12 Dear God We Seek Your Kingdom 293 Free to Share
02/27/12 Dear God Work Within To Reflect Your Son 262 Free to Share
02/27/12 Dear God Make Me A Fisher Of Men 301 Free to Share
01/02/12 Dear God I know you and know peace 411 Free to Share
11/09/11 Dear God Adversity brings light and love 342 Not For Sale
08/31/11 Dear God Life Can Be Tough 407 Free to Share
08/26/11 Dear God I will never Thirst again 413 Free to Share
08/15/11 Dear God Help Your Children To See 415 For Sale
08/10/11 Dear God Books for you and Messages too 458 For Sale
07/29/11 Is that Kite Flying? 444 Free to Share
07/19/11 Christian to Christian 473 Free to Share
07/09/11 Dear God I found life in a Trash Can 546 Free to Share
07/06/11 I am a Christian so why am I missing my loved one? 520 Free to Share
07/04/11 God has the Final Word 479 For Sale
07/04/11 God Says Yes When the Doctor says No 610 Free to Share
07/04/11 I Live My Life For My Abba Father 551 Free to Share
07/02/11 Dear God Thanks For Loving Me 436 Free to Share
07/02/11 Dear God I feel your Presence Within 379 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/10/14 Friendly Enemies~
09/03/14 The Rose Within
08/20/14 Dancing Eyes~
08/10/14 Groom & Bride~
07/25/14 Shaken By The Truth
07/23/14 Ted~
07/10/14 Yom & Layelah
05/31/14 Three Questions
05/29/14 The Promise
05/22/14 A Sign of The Times
05/10/14 And Baby Makes Two
05/01/14 Birthday Woes
04/27/14 Greater is He~
04/20/14 One Man's Treasure~
04/16/14 Love
04/08/14 Food For All
03/03/14 Elusive Find
02/18/14 Red~
02/07/14 The Narrow Road
02/05/14 The Flower People
01/29/14 The Best Part Of All
01/15/14 Pour Your Rain Down
01/02/14 Light of Love
12/02/13 A Smoke In Her Nose
11/20/13 Lena The Tiny Giant
11/11/13 Make Like A Dolphin
11/06/13 A Squeal & Promise
10/29/13 Noah & Dad
10/23/13 The Greatest Note Ever
10/09/13 Eternal Love & Perfection
09/06/13 The Storm Before The Calm~
09/04/13 Just One More Prayer~
08/22/13 Our Greatest Physican/Surgeon
08/13/13 SUNDAY NEWS
08/03/13 What A Glorious Sight
07/25/13 Hearts Hurting~
07/11/13 THE "NORM"
06/13/13 "Strike a Note of Truth"
06/03/13 EMPTY NO MORE
05/24/13 The Beautiful Butterfly
05/14/13 A Heart's Witness
05/08/13 It's Picnic Time Again? Oh My!
05/02/13 Sweet Sounds Forevermore~
04/08/13 Tunnel Vision
03/11/13 The Roses Of Belleville~
02/27/13 Speak With His Love
02/19/13 The Seven Wondered~
02/12/13 Dear God
02/06/13 The Story~
01/24/13 Only You...Nothing More
01/11/13 There Once Was A Man...
12/11/12 Score One For The Lord
12/05/12 His Will & His Plans~
11/23/12 Room For Growth~
10/19/12 Ellen
10/16/12 Hot Tub~
10/10/12 Timing is Everything
09/11/12 Something's Cooking
08/30/12 Healthy Lunch
08/24/12 Clarity of You~
08/20/12 The Gas Station Fill-Up
08/15/12 So It's Really True!
08/07/12 Table Of Choice
08/01/12 Delicious & Filling
07/25/12 The Transformation
07/18/12 A Sunday Gathering
07/09/12 RSVP
06/13/12 Tears On My Keyboard
06/07/12 So-What Else Is News?
06/06/12 So-What Else Is <i> News?</i>
05/25/12 He Asked...I Answered
05/21/12 Mission NOT Impossible
05/15/12 For Sale
05/03/12 Drink of Life & Vitality
04/27/12 The Big Mansion
04/20/12 Birth Of A Career
04/18/12 The Promise
04/05/12 Because of Your Love
03/08/12 The Shiny Bracelet
03/01/12 The Widow
02/27/12 Thanks Dad
02/21/12 Door A or B?
02/13/12 The Task
02/06/12 Amazing
01/27/12 A Mutual Friendship
01/20/12 Does It Matter?
01/15/12 A Warm October Night
01/05/12 My Choice
12/05/11 Nancy's Profile Page
11/21/11 His Word Illuminates
11/12/11 To: The Non Believers
10/07/11 Soul Searching
09/15/11 A Shared Secret
09/08/11 Love & Mercy
09/01/11 He knows
08/29/11 God, Love and Hope
08/19/11 All Signs Lead to One
08/10/11 The Biggest White Lie~
07/28/11 Something & Everything~
07/21/11 “God Is Our Judge and the Verdict is…”
07/15/11 "Mommy- Is Daddy In Heaven?"
07/07/11 God Versus The Enemy

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
01/02/14 Faded Memories Anew

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
08/21/2012 Dear God: You Set Us Free~
08/11/2012 Dear God We Flow Smoothly In Your Word & Love~
07/04/2012 Dear GOD: I Want To Be A Doer~