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Name: Camille (C D) Swanson 
Website: www.cdswanson.com
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Articles written: 138

 About Self
I'm in love with God. And, I'm happily married to my childhood sweetheart. We live on the East Coast with our little "boy" Max. I have a devotional website, called "Dear God With Love" and it is to Him that I pour out my heart and praise. I've written over sixteen books to date--which can be found online at all major dealers. Also on my website under My Books tab. I'm a regular contributor/author to various websites (Knitted Together By God) and online magazines worldwide. I'm blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family here at Faithwriters where we all share a common thread of love fo the Lord. God Bless~
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/30/13 His Voice 284 Free to Share
09/21/12 Dear God We Stand Strong in Your Love and Light 308 Free to Share
08/21/12 Dear God Set Us Free 368 Not For Sale
08/21/12 Dear God Thanks for the Past, Present and Future 318 For Sale
08/21/12 Dear God Thanks for the Past, Present and Future 297 For Sale
08/11/12 Dear God We Flow Smoothly in Your Word and Love 323 For Sale
07/04/12 Dear God I Want To Be A Doer 292 Free to Share
06/30/12 Devoted to Getting The Word Out 316 Free to Share
05/19/12 Dear God You fill Our Need 331 Free to Share
04/30/12 Dear God May I Sit On This Bench With You? 539 Free to Share
04/07/12 Our Savior 385 Free to Share
02/27/12 Dear God We Seek Your Kingdom 332 Free to Share
02/27/12 Dear God Work Within To Reflect Your Son 289 Free to Share
02/27/12 Dear God Make Me A Fisher Of Men 340 Free to Share
01/02/12 Dear God I know you and know peace 465 Free to Share
11/09/11 Dear God Adversity brings light and love 389 Not For Sale
08/31/11 Dear God Life Can Be Tough 445 Free to Share
08/26/11 Dear God I will never Thirst again 448 Free to Share
08/15/11 Dear God Help Your Children To See 445 For Sale
08/10/11 Dear God Books for you and Messages too 507 For Sale
07/29/11 Is that Kite Flying? 499 Free to Share
07/19/11 Christian to Christian 515 Free to Share
07/09/11 Dear God I found life in a Trash Can 576 Free to Share
07/06/11 I am a Christian so why am I missing my loved one? 575 Free to Share
07/04/11 God has the Final Word 508 For Sale
07/04/11 God Says Yes When the Doctor says No 656 Free to Share
07/04/11 I Live My Life For My Abba Father 596 Free to Share
07/02/11 Dear God Thanks For Loving Me 493 Free to Share
07/02/11 Dear God I feel your Presence Within 409 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
11/21/14 The Elusive Platform
11/20/14 Love's Grace
11/07/14 An Old Fashioned Neighborhood
11/04/14 Repressed to Refreshed
10/20/14 The List
09/13/14 Conviction Of Love
09/10/14 Friendly Enemies~
09/03/14 The Rose Within
08/20/14 Dancing Eyes~
08/10/14 Groom & Bride~
07/25/14 Shaken By The Truth
07/23/14 Ted~
07/10/14 Yom & Layelah
05/31/14 Three Questions
05/29/14 The Promise
05/22/14 A Sign of The Times
05/10/14 And Baby Makes Two
05/01/14 Birthday Woes
04/27/14 Greater is He~
04/20/14 One Man's Treasure~
04/16/14 Love
04/08/14 Food For All
03/03/14 Elusive Find
02/18/14 Red~
02/07/14 The Narrow Road
02/05/14 The Flower People
01/29/14 The Best Part Of All
01/15/14 Pour Your Rain Down
01/02/14 Light of Love
12/02/13 A Smoke In Her Nose
11/20/13 Lena The Tiny Giant
11/11/13 Make Like A Dolphin
11/06/13 A Squeal & Promise
10/29/13 Noah & Dad
10/23/13 The Greatest Note Ever
10/09/13 Eternal Love & Perfection
09/06/13 The Storm Before The Calm~
09/04/13 Just One More Prayer~
08/22/13 Our Greatest Physican/Surgeon
08/13/13 SUNDAY NEWS
08/03/13 What A Glorious Sight
07/25/13 Hearts Hurting~
07/11/13 THE "NORM"
06/13/13 "Strike a Note of Truth"
06/03/13 EMPTY NO MORE
05/24/13 The Beautiful Butterfly
05/14/13 A Heart's Witness
05/08/13 It's Picnic Time Again? Oh My!
05/02/13 Sweet Sounds Forevermore~
04/08/13 Tunnel Vision
03/11/13 The Roses Of Belleville~
02/27/13 Speak With His Love
02/19/13 The Seven Wondered~
02/12/13 Dear God
02/06/13 The Story~
01/24/13 Only You...Nothing More
01/11/13 There Once Was A Man...
12/11/12 Score One For The Lord
12/05/12 His Will & His Plans~
11/23/12 Room For Growth~
10/19/12 Ellen
10/16/12 Hot Tub~
10/10/12 Timing is Everything
09/11/12 Something's Cooking
08/30/12 Healthy Lunch
08/24/12 Clarity of You~
08/20/12 The Gas Station Fill-Up
08/15/12 So It's Really True!
08/07/12 Table Of Choice
08/01/12 Delicious & Filling
07/25/12 The Transformation
07/18/12 A Sunday Gathering
07/09/12 RSVP
06/13/12 Tears On My Keyboard
06/07/12 So-What Else Is News?
06/06/12 So-What Else Is <i> News?</i>
05/25/12 He Asked...I Answered
05/21/12 Mission NOT Impossible
05/15/12 For Sale
05/03/12 Drink of Life & Vitality
04/27/12 The Big Mansion
04/20/12 Birth Of A Career
04/18/12 The Promise
04/05/12 Because of Your Love
03/08/12 The Shiny Bracelet
03/01/12 The Widow
02/27/12 Thanks Dad
02/21/12 Door A or B?
02/13/12 The Task
02/06/12 Amazing
01/27/12 A Mutual Friendship
01/20/12 Does It Matter?
01/15/12 A Warm October Night
01/05/12 My Choice
12/05/11 Nancy's Profile Page
11/21/11 His Word Illuminates
11/12/11 To: The Non Believers
10/07/11 Soul Searching
09/15/11 A Shared Secret
09/08/11 Love & Mercy
09/01/11 He knows
08/29/11 God, Love and Hope
08/19/11 All Signs Lead to One
08/10/11 The Biggest White Lie~
07/28/11 Something & Everything~
07/21/11 “God Is Our Judge and the Verdict is…”
07/15/11 "Mommy- Is Daddy In Heaven?"
07/07/11 God Versus The Enemy

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
01/02/14 Faded Memories Anew

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
01/30/2013 His Voice~
08/21/2012 Dear God: You Set Us Free~
08/11/2012 Dear God We Flow Smoothly In Your Word & Love~
07/04/2012 Dear GOD: I Want To Be A Doer~