The Writing Challenge runs over four separate periods every twelve months:

* July to September;
* October to December;
* January to March; and
* April to June.

A new topic is announced at 11 AM (New York time) on Thursday mornings (except for two to three weeks between each quarter), and entry for that topic is open to Gold and Platinum members at that time.

The Writing Challenge is open to GOLD and PLATINUM members, with one entry allowed per member per topic.

SILVER members are assigned four credits to allow entry to four Challenge topics during their SILVER membership. These credits can be used at any time--all in a row or spread out over time.

Once the new topic has been announced, members have one week to submit their entry. Entries for that topic will close at 10:59 AM (New York time) on the Thursday morning after the topic was announced, unless the cap of 200 entries is reached prior to closing time. Winners for that topic will be announced one week later.

There are four levels of entry for each topic:

* Level 1 - Beginners;
* Level 2 - Intermediate;
* Level 3 - Advanced; and
* Level 4 - Masters.

These levels provide an opportunity for members to be encouraged and rewarded at their level of ability. Each member is responsible for choosing their initial level of entry and should read the Level Selection Guidelines to help make that choice.

Entries must be between 150 and 750 words long, and should use the topic as their central focus. Entries that fall outside those word count limits will be disqualified and removed; however, every attempt will be made to contact the author in time to edit and re-submit their entry.

All entries MUST be conceived and written AFTER the topic is announced. No previously written material should be submitted. This is because the Challenge is designed to act as a tool to help writers develop their ability to write to topic, deadline and word count.

Entries may be in any style or genre, and they do not need to be overtly Christian in message. However, they should at least reflect a Christian outlook and should not be overly violent or sensual. Language deemed inappropriate for Christian readers will be removed.

Once entries close for a topic, all entries will be displayed for reading and comment by members Here

Entries are judged using eight specific rating categories. Each entry is judged on its own merits, based on those categories. You can find out more about the rating categories HERE at the FaithWriters' Message Boards.

The judges' highest rated entries for each topic will receive the EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD on their entry, and these winning entries may be published in upcoming FaithWriters' books (at the publisher's discretion). The Editors' Choice award is not based on the level of entry. Any entry from any level has the potential to place in the Editors' Choice.

The judges' five highest rated entries for each level of ability (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Masters) for each topic will receive a LEVEL CHAMPION AWARD on their entry.

There are TEN Editors' Choice awards for each topic, and TWENTY Level Champion winners for each topic. There will, obviously, be an overlap in some of those awards.

The ten highest rated entries each will receive the EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD on their entry.

The three highest rated entries each week will be PUBLISHED in an annual Mixed Blessings book, showcasing the very best Challenge entries of the year.

At the end of each quarter, the best entry from each of the four levels (Beginner/Level 1, Intermediate/Level 2, Advanced/Level 3, Masters/Level 4) during that quarter will be listed on this page.

The Challenge runs for forty weeks each year (July to June), and the three best entries submitted during that time will receive a BEST OF THE BEST award, with cash prizes on offer. The Best of the Best winners are announced on July 1 each year. The Best of the Best 1st place winner each year will win $100.00, 2nd place will win $50.00, and 3rd place will win $25.00.

Challenge entrants are encouraged to join a Challenge Buddy/Critique group to help fine-tune their entries before submission. You can find out more about Challenge Buddy groups on the FaithWriters' Message Boards HERE.

After an entry is submitted, it cannot be viewed publicly until after entries close, and it will not appear in the author's list of Challenge entries until after the winners are announced. Also, the author's name will not appear on the entry until after the winners are announced. This is to ensure anonymity for judging purposes.

After submitting your entry, please verify it has been safely received HERE. Please note, this will not verify your word count.

Entries cannot be edited by the author once they are submitted, so it is very important that all editing be done before submission.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT to be aware that entries cannot be removed from the Challenge once entries have closed for that topic.

The winners will be announced one week after entries close for that specific topic. The list of winners can be found HERE and on the FaithWriters' Message Boards in the WRITING CHALLENGE RESULTS FORUM. You will also find all the highest rankings for each level in that forum.

For more information, please visit the Writing Challenge forum on the FaithWriters' Message boards, including the FAQs section.

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