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This is a tough subject to write about, but you did it with aplomb. I loved how this story shows "that a choice" can mean to give the "conceived child" a life with parents of "choice."

This touched my heart, and I loved the ending. It made me smile through my tears.

God bless~
With tears flowing as I write, all I can say is this is one beautiful story. Well told and full of emotion, full of love and kindness.

I have an adopted granddaughter, so I read your story with great interest.

I think it could be slightly improved with a bit more emotional content. It felt somewhat detached, and I'd have loved a few sentences showing what the birth mother and the adoptive parents were feeling.

Your story prompted me to say another prayer for my granddaughter's birth mother, who (as far as I know) does not have God in her life.
Very touching! Well done!
Beautiful! As someone who works in health care, I find the MC's (a long-time labor and delivery nurse) descriptions and emotional reporting realistic and heart-warming. Thank you for telling this story.