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This hits so close to home. Thanks for such a beautiful story.
This is beautiful. Though it is short, it gets right to the point and really doesn't need any more words. Its length is a representation of the question what's our purpose? The answer is one the Mother realized and passed on to her children--walk with God. It's short but right to the point. This is a beautiful tribute to mothers everywhere. It reminded me of one of the highest compliments I've ever been given: You're certainly your mother's daughter. Your story made me think of that and I'm grateful to be a part of this lovely piece. God bless :)
Wow - this made me cry. What a lovely tribute...your words captured me. I felt as if I was walking alongside the both of you during this read. Your description and your memories were vivid.

My mom is currently living with me while her home from the Hurrican Sandy is being built again (she lost everything) - she has slowed down. And she holds my arm as we walk through the stores, and I too remember when she was quick. So, this touched my heart in a big way.

Thank you. And God Bless you for your patience and for the love your showed your mom, and continue to do even to this day.

God bless~
Well done. Made me cry!
Congratulations!! Happy Dance!!
This was so beautiful! I'm glad it got recognition! Outstanding piece, and fabulous job.

God bless~