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Name: Laurie Glass
Website: www.freedomfromed.com
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Articles written: 108

 About Self
Laurie is a Pastoral Counselor and recovered anorexic who provides e-mail Christian counseling services for adult women with eating disorders. Laurie offers her counseling services, books, and so much more, on her website, Freedom from Eating Disorders (www.freedomfromed.com). She began writing in 2003 and has had several poems and articles published in both print and online publications. She has Christian poems available for church programs and other Christian programs on her website, http://christianpoems-laurieglass.yolasite.com/. The best way to contact Laurie is through her websites.
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07/13/08 What Would I Do Without FaithWriters? 605 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/13/14 What a Difference a Thesaurus Makes
12/19/10 To Melt a Hardened Heart
12/12/10 Nothing to Be Ashamed of
12/08/10 You're Beautiful in My Sight
11/28/10 Many Questions Only One Can Answer
11/21/10 She Sat with Her Feelings
11/17/10 Christian Ministries on the Web
11/07/10 Thanks for Being My Mentor
11/03/10 The Truth Defines My Worth
10/24/10 Goodbye ED
10/16/10 Which Voice?
12/08/07 What Matters Most
12/02/07 We Look To Him
11/23/07 Nothing Less Than Beautiful
11/15/07 Expectant Stares
11/09/07 Truth Flows Through Me
11/03/07 So They May Know Almighty One
10/26/07 Lucky To Have Her
10/20/07 A Picture
10/14/07 There For Each Other
10/09/07 With Reverence
09/15/07 Must Fill My Mind With Him
09/09/07 Will He Take Me Back?
09/03/07 Facing The Pain
08/25/07 Time To Choose
08/16/07 Please Dine With Me
08/04/07 Unanswered Questions
07/27/07 Unshed Tears
07/20/07 No Blush Is Needed Today
07/14/07 A Day In The Life Of Toes
07/07/07 Journey Of Faith
05/22/07 I Wonder If He Thinks Of Me
04/29/07 Freedom Race
04/22/07 Chocolate Covered Cherry Box
04/15/07 Countryside Chronicles
03/08/07 Lips Sweet As Apple Pie
03/03/07 Store Of Truth
02/23/07 "Lady Fru"
02/16/07 To Run From Death
02/09/07 No Booties On The Mantle
02/02/07 Still See It In Their Eyes
01/25/07 The Face Of One
01/21/07 Ceil's Egg Money
01/13/07 The Grammar Book Engagement
01/07/07 The Silent Drawer
12/10/06 Ordinary Donkeys
12/03/06 Convicted
11/25/06 When The Telephone Rings
11/18/06 Always His Child
11/11/06 Compassionate Eyes
11/02/06 Dr. Simmons' Diagnosis
10/27/06 A Perplexed Miss Carter
10/21/06 The Wind
10/12/06 Anxious Moments
10/06/06 The Water
09/07/06 Standing Tall
09/04/06 Drop's Destiny
08/26/06 Music In My Soul
08/20/06 Who Am I?
08/13/06 Stream Of Tears
08/06/06 From Fear To Faith
07/30/06 Winter In My Soul
07/23/06 My Promises To You
07/16/06 Drought In My Soul
07/09/06 The Climb
06/18/06 Life Restored
06/11/06 Sunshine In My Soul
06/03/06 To Dream Of Cheese Galore
05/27/06 Why?
05/21/06 With Joy
05/13/06 The Gift
05/08/06 Where Is The Lantern?
05/02/06 Freedom Sweet
04/22/06 Your Hand
04/07/06 The Search
03/06/06 Imagination's Door
03/04/06 The Freedom Place
02/24/06 The Tears We Cried
02/19/06 One Voice Speaks
02/07/06 Unexpected Voice
02/02/06 In His Strength
01/25/06 Faith Restored
01/21/06 Freedom's Call
01/13/06 Oh Holy One!
01/08/06 Tears Of Escape
12/10/05 Consider The Leaf
11/28/05 Addiction's Call
11/23/05 Beyond Tracing Out
11/14/05 Icy Heart
11/13/05 Listening To His Voice
11/05/05 Delighted Father
10/29/05 Heavenly Bouquet
10/21/05 Reign In My Soul
10/16/05 My Work In You
10/09/05 My Mirror
09/14/05 Please Hear Me
09/08/05 Daisies Make Me Smile
08/30/05 Slipped Through His Fingers
08/17/05 Turning Point
08/10/05 The Pretty Little Box
08/02/05 The Quiet Place
07/27/05 Deciding On A Trip To Paradise
07/21/05 What Did I Do To Deserve This?
07/15/05 Consider The S'more
07/08/05 The Lifeguard (i)
06/11/05 Will Two Fathers Meet?
06/04/05 To Spend Eternity With You

Critique Circle Postings
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Date Title

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09/26/2010 Anorexia
02/21/2009 Common Causes of Eating Disorders
04/24/2008 Eating Disorders - Praying For Your Loved One
12/02/2007 Eating Disorders - Helping Your Loved One
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