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Name: Cindy Tuttle
Website: reverbnation.com/cindytuttle
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Articles written: 359

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Hello. I'm a Christian writer and songwriter/singer. I love writing prayers with the goal of providing the compassion and hope of Jesus. I have been fortunate with my music. Four of my songs have won Best Song in about four categories in the Akademia Music Awards.One of my songs titled Sleep Gently My Little One is being played on radio world wide including Paris, Rome, Austrailia, etc. The response has been much better than I could have ever expected.I create the lyrics and melody along with the vocals and Warren Ells creates the instrumentals and mixes it. I could highly recommend him. The spins have been very good. Thank you so much for visiting my profile.
Article Archives
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08/28/15 The Song of Peace 11 For Sale
08/28/15 The Song of Peace 14 For Sale
08/28/15 Prayer of Faith 17 For Sale
08/28/15 God's Music of Creation 12 For Sale
10/08/12 Waters of Love 192 For Sale
09/29/12 Good By My Friend 248 For Sale
03/31/12 New Ministry, Yea 305 For Sale
02/05/12 Morning Prayer of Faith 464 For Sale
12/25/11 Christmas Day Prayer 2011 382 For Sale
12/23/11 Christmas Eve With Jesus 329 For Sale
12/01/11 Where is Christmas 235 For Sale
12/01/11 This Moment in Time 252 For Sale
11/21/11 Where Are You God? 287 For Sale
10/29/11 God's Wondrous Call 331 For Sale
10/29/11 Morning Prayer 308 For Sale
10/26/11 We Are Called by God 275 For Sale
10/25/11 May I be a Gift to Jesus 273 For Sale
10/24/11 Don't Give Up 308 For Sale
10/22/11 Prayer of Overcoming Anxiety 296 For Sale
10/21/11 Spiritual Surrender to Our Soul 286 For Sale
10/20/11 Prayer For a Faith Sharing Group 265 For Sale
10/18/11 Psalm of Morning Praise 319 For Sale
10/16/11 Jesus is With us in Times of Despair 322 For Sale
10/12/11 Praying Daily With Mother Teresa for October 602 For Sale
09/24/11 Night prayer 446 For Sale
09/07/11 Prayer of Faith 383 For Sale
08/10/11 The Gift of Challenges 454 For Sale
08/08/11 Jesus's Prayer for an Abused Child 393 For Sale
08/07/11 Everyone is Holy 357 For Sale
08/05/11 Living in Faith or Fear 352 For Sale
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04/12/09 Growing in Faith

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Date Title

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08/29/2015 Night Prayer
08/29/2015 Morning Prayer
04/19/2009 Light of Hope
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