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Praying Daily With Mother Teresa for October
by Cindy Tuttle
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Many of the quotes this month address the focus of Mother Teresa allowing Christ who is in us also to be present in the world. This is a good month to get in touch with what gives us courage to live our vocation, whatever it may be. What helps us stay focused on Jesus? What is our image of Jesus at this time? It changes as we grow ion our faith, yet his deep love for us stays the same. We just may experience the love in a deeper and new way each day as we focus on the spirituality of Mother Teresa.

May we have to courage to love and live the message of God and appreciate the gifts He has given us. It takes courage to live the Christian life today. May these quotes help give us support in following Jesus.

October 1st- Jesus has chosen us for himself. We belong to him.

This would be a wonderful quote to reflect upon today. What do those words mean to us? How can we live daily feeling we belong to Jesus?

October 2nd- Let us be so convinced of his belonging that we allow nothing however small to separate us from his love.

What separates from Jesus’ love? Jealousy, envy, hate, bitteness, self-hatred, etc.We all at some time experience these which separate us from his love. The wonderful message is that we have a loving Jesus we can go to for forgiveness, and to help us to be connected with his love.

October 3rd- If you really love one another properly there must be great sacrifice.

An example may be that we may feel very sad when one of our family members becomes very sick and is in the hospital. We may be fear of losing them and confusion over how best to support them. We are having difficulty with our own feelings about their illness. But we realize they are the ones needing us, and we must be there for them as we visit and talk to Doctors. We may need support for ourselves but our first priority is to be there for the person who is sick.

October 4th- Let Jesus use you without consultation.

How can we pray and what can we focus on today so that we are mindful of giving our lives to Jesus?

October 5th- Make certain that you let God’s grace work in your souls by accepting what ever He gives you.

This can be so difficult for us. What is it difficult for you to accept today? Perhaps an illness you have or someone in your family. Maybe waiting to hear back from a college you want to attend or a job for which you have applied. It could be any number of things. Maybe we could take those problems to our daily prayer.

October 6th- Just allow people to see Jesus in you, and then you can look straight into their eyes and say, “this is the way.”

The only way I know of to allowing this to happen is through prayer. Also giving your entire life and surrendering all to Jesus every day. Realizing that all we have and are come from Jesus. Can we do that today?

October 7th-Our vocation is to belong to Jesus with the conviction that nothing and nobody can separate us from the love the Christ.

At times life feels difficult due to our efforts to follow Jesus when things seem to be not going well, Jesus is there to let us know how much he appreciates our efforts and his love will get us through.

October 8th- Just as he sent Jesus to be his love, his presence in the world, so he is sending us.

This could be a wonderful quote to remember each day early in the morning. Do we really believe this? Let us try and share his love today.

October 9th- We really do everything together, and I think being together is our strength.

Have you ever thought of being in a prayer group, faith sharing group, or Bible study group? I have found my faith-sharing group to be essential in helping me stay focused and following Jesus.

October 10th- It is to love Jesus with undivided love for you, for me, for all of us.

This seems like Mother Teresa talking to each of us today. I can almost hear her saying this. How are we going to do this totoday?

October 11th- That undivided love is put into action when we do as Jesus said,” love as I have loved you.”

Today let’s reflect upon how Jesus has loved us.

October 12th- A little child has no difficulty in loving. That is why Jesus says,” unless you become like little children …”

Sometimes we can make life so complicated and we want to control people and situations. It takes courage to love as a child. There is a vulnerability that we can find hard to be open to.

October 13th- That is where your strength will come from when you teach each other to pray.

How can we support and teach each other to pray? In our families we can show by example and talking about how each person prays or would like to pray. We can talk about prayer in our families. Different types of prayer and what works for each persons spirituality. Along with group prayer. This is vital in strengthening our faith and following Jesus.

October 14th- We have to try and give Jesus to our youth.
How can we support our youth with feeling more involved and a part of our churches and the Catholic faith? How can we reach out to youth and let them know how much they are loved by Jesus and how Jesus can be with them when they are having hard time?
October 15th- Anyone who imitates Jesus to the full must also share in his passion.

This is not easy. We always want pain to go away. We have painkillers etc.This pain is nececcesary to have resurrection. It does not mean we have to go through it alone or without asking for help. It does mean we do have to go through the passion to imitate Jesus.

October 16th- We must have the courage to pray, to have the courage to accept.

Sometimes it is hard to know what things we need to accept and the things we need to change. That might be a good reflection for today.

October 17th- I picked up that one person- maybe if I hadn’t picked up that one person, I wouldn’t have picked up 42,000.

It starts with just trying to show love to one person. We never know where this will lead. It may take courage to love that one person, because they might not be able to love you back. That is true faith and compassion.

October 18th- Our love in action is our service to the poor.

Mother Teresa show us that we need to put all the love we have received into action. In what way can we put our love into action today?

October 19th- Jesus said very clearly, I am the truth to be told.

What does that quote mean to us? What is the truth? In our prayer today we can reflect upon these questions and see what wisdom it may bring.

October 20th Jesus said very clearly – I am the light to be lit.

I believe there is the light of Christ within each of us. What are some ways we can ignite the wonderful light and let it shine?

October 21st.Jesus said very clearly, I am the life to be lived.

This quote goes very well with the quote we had yesterday. Jesus is the life within and surrounding us. Let us try to become so connected to the life of Jesus inside and live it. What a wonderful life that would be! Of course that also means we would live the passion of Jesus at times, only to eventually experience the resurrection.

October 22nd- To grow in holiness is a sign of conversion.

I looked up the definition of conversion .It defines it as a change from one state to another. It seems like a helpful way to see holiness and conversion. It is a desire to change from the very part of us that is focused on ego, power, control, to surrender, humility, and acceptance.

October 23rd- To grow in likeness of Christ is conversion.

What is our image of Christ? How can we grow in the loving image of Jesus?

October 24th- We should not forget that our bodies our temples of the Holy Spirit.

How often do we reflect upon this? How can we treat our bodies as the temples of the Holy Spirit?

October 25th- To those who say they admire my courage, I have to tell them that I would not have any if I were not convinced that each time I touch the body of a leper, a body that reeks with a foul stench, I touch Christ’s body.

One of the jobs not receiving the respect it deserves is the nurse’s aids and the home health aid jobs. I believe this should be one of the most highly respected jobs in the world. Yet it gets the least recognition and usually low wages. People in this profession have a hard time making ends meet yet they do the most valuable work. To all the readers in this profession I offer my deepest thanks and gratitude. You are truly touching Christ every day.

October 26th- In order to be a Christian we must resemble Christ.

Today let us focus on how we can resemble Christ and at the end of day look at how were able to resemble Christ, and the times maybe we didn’t and how we can grow in our call.

October 27th- People expect us to be consistent with our Christian life.

If we go to church on Sunday and are then cold and unfriendly or disrespectful to someone. This can turn people away from us, and if they know we are Christian they might think, this is what believing in Christ has done for them? Why would I want to follow Christ? Does that mean we have to be perfect? Of course not. We couldn’t if we wanted to be. It just means we need to be mindful of how we act and ask forgiveness when we need to.

October 28th- Christ invites us “Come to me.”

Sometimes when we feel that we have sinned or that God doesn’t seem present in us, it takes courage and faith to come to God in our emptiness and ask for forgiveness. But I imagine God smiling and saying, oh, I am so glad you came, let me forgive you and love you.”

October 29th- I see God in everyone, especially those that suffer.

When we reach out to people who are suffering we need to remember why we are doing this ministry and look at the good in the person we are serving, otherwise we will never have the courage to stay with it each day.

October 30th- We cannot allow Gods creatures to end their days in a creek, liked animals.

Let us remember people who are dying and help them with a dignified and peaceful death.

October 31st- Sometimes it is very hard for me to smile at Jesus because he asks too much of me.

Mother Teresa constantly talks about joy and smiling so others can see the joy of God. It is comforting to know that even she sometimes felt God was asking too much of her. Don’t we feel that way sometimes? But she kept going. Sign of true saint.

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