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Wow! I applaud this entry. So much truth, both from the biblical perspective and economic perspective. I live in one of the highest areas for foreclosures. Such a sad state of being that could have been prevented. Thanks for sharing. God bless!
This is a well thought out comparison of the concept of truth. It's appalling how some people in positions of authority distorted the truth, leaving people with less than they started with. How like the devil, too, as he distorts the truth of the Gospel, leaving people with nothing. A very well written entry. Well done.
Great exposure of the difference between security of income and the compounding disasters of relying on ifcome. Very well thought-through, especially within a 750 word limit.
Well written truths, I like how you not only presented the facts, but showed from personal perspective how easy it could be to get caught up in the icing covered lies if not careful! I love your title “The Economics of Truth” ...those words alone are so meaningful to our lives in so many aspects! Great thought provoking piece!
very provocative essay...well written and spot on content. I love your turn of phrases. Actually read through this a couple of times. I hope you get to use it elsewhere as the timeliness and focus is an important message for many.
This is A great message and you did A nice job of explaining the dilemma.

Congratulations for placing 9th in level 3!