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Name: Leola Ogle 
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Articles written: 189

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I am part of a family that has five generations native Arizonans. My husband, Jeff, and I are a blended family of eight children and lots of grandchildren. Our lives are centered around our family, and our church activity. We have been involved in several different ministries for most of our lives. I have always loved to write and yearned to be a writer. But..life happened! Most of what I write is based on actual events or experiences.
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/18/16 Carly, The Sleuth
05/04/16 Red Rover, Red Rover
04/13/16 The Misadventure of the Widow Eleanor
03/16/16 Goodbye, Abbi Junebug
03/09/16 The Proposal Conundrum
03/02/16 Rumination
02/25/16 Pen, Paper, and Dreams
02/10/16 Sabotage At The County Fair
02/04/16 Bea's Bed & Breakfast
01/21/16 The Haunting of Jeremiah
01/13/16 The Demise of Henri Eis
12/09/15 Noelle In Real Life
11/18/15 Without Chance, The Pottage Perisheth
11/04/15 Prayers In The Desert
10/28/15 Old And Set In Her Ways
10/14/15 The Church Bulletins
10/07/15 The Ladies of Trinity Church
09/09/15 My Mom, The Teenager
08/05/15 Bless Her Heart
07/29/15 The Strangers In Cabin Four
07/14/15 Charming Beggar
07/08/15 The Carousel
06/10/15 The Cemetery
06/03/15 Music on Ordinary Days
05/06/15 Harold, The Auctioneer
04/29/15 King Nicolas and Prince Andrew
04/20/15 Let It Go
04/15/15 Marilyn's Stand
03/13/15 The Quest
03/11/15 Charlotte's Fairy Tale
02/24/15 The Ghost of Kale Adams
02/11/15 The Rescue of Sammy
02/04/15 The Mystery of Johnny Joe Jacobs
01/21/15 If Only
01/14/15 Opulence
12/02/14 The Princess and the Palm Tree
11/19/14 Danger in the Desert
11/12/14 Riding The Beast To The Canyon
11/05/14 The Boy in the Basement
10/29/14 The Mystery of Dodge Truck
10/19/14 Kidnapped
10/15/14 Adam and Eve Mating Service
10/08/14 The Worth of a Child
09/16/14 Lillian the Librarian
09/10/14 What Might Have Been
09/03/14 The Weeping Willow
08/27/14 The Memory Keeper
08/04/14 High School Reunion
07/30/14 Of Dogs, Parents, and Life
07/21/14 Matthias Jones's Final Words
07/16/14 The Summer of '93
06/11/14 The Newspaper Boy
05/25/14 The Bane of Thaddeus
05/21/14 Grace To Be Humble
05/14/14 Remembering Ruth
04/26/14 Digitally Devoid
04/14/14 What's Wrong With Jorel?
04/09/14 Graveyard Shift
03/11/14 The Battles of Jericho
03/03/14 The Grace To Be Brave
02/26/14 Sweet Revenge?
02/19/14 Taming the Shrew, Whitney
02/05/14 If My Life Were a Book
01/29/14 Tunnel of Love
01/20/14 Two For The Price Of One
01/13/14 The Banquet Table
01/08/14 What More?
12/11/13 Transformation
12/04/13 What? No Chocolate?
11/27/13 Led Astray
11/20/13 Football Sunday
11/13/13 What She Missed Out On
11/06/13 Claude and the Ladies' Prayer Group
10/29/13 The House That Mother Built
10/15/13 The Mysterious Neighbors
10/09/13 That Mean Bully!
09/10/13 Pappy Abe's Advice
09/04/13 What's Bothering Marie?
08/28/13 Suddenly Silence
08/21/13 The Right Choice
08/14/13 Because Of That Yard Sale
08/06/13 The Angel
07/27/13 Call Me Addy
07/23/13 God Speaks
07/16/13 Twilight Years
06/11/13 Voices
06/05/13 The Dark
05/29/13 Bucket List
05/21/13 The Bell -- An Allegory
05/10/13 Blame It On The Gecko
05/07/13 SightsSounds Smells
05/01/13 Surrender
04/23/13 The letter
04/17/13 Wildfire
04/05/13 Enshrouded
03/11/13 Diagnosis: A Mother's Prayers
03/05/13 The Date
02/26/13 Language Barrier
02/18/13 The Promise
02/12/13 Two Short Sentences
02/07/13 Keep My Mouth Shut
01/25/13 Death By Degrees
01/22/13 Tombstone
01/16/13 Jadon's Lesson
01/07/13 Once Upon A Time
12/12/12 Ain't That A Shame
12/04/12 Group
11/28/12 Madilyn's Garden
11/20/12 Ava's Celebration Day - 2085
11/13/12 Those Pesky Buttons
11/07/12 Who Really Cares?
10/29/12 Little Girl Lost
10/20/12 Cherished Possession
10/17/12 Perspective
10/10/12 Absentmindedly Accidental
09/05/12 Forbidden Fruit
08/29/12 A Shiny Quarter
08/21/12 The Laughing Cashier
08/14/12 The Invitation (i)
08/07/12 The Imaginary World of Edith and Joy
08/01/12 Poor Man Casserole
07/25/12 The Half Eaten Drumstick
07/17/12 More Than Meals
07/08/12 That Chicken!
06/11/12 Because of Ammon
06/07/12 Calling a Truce
06/06/12 Calling A Truce
05/29/12 Enough
05/23/12 God Defines Miracles
05/16/12 Not One of Them
05/07/12 Changed Forever
04/30/12 The Legends of Buckeye Annie
04/24/12 Almost a Century
04/18/12 Progress
04/10/12 Niklas' Friend Finn
03/13/12 A Piece of Paper
03/06/12 Prayers, Proposals and Predicaments
02/29/12 Silencing the Voices
02/22/12 My Mother, My Child
02/15/12 The Snickers Years
02/06/12 The Day Angel Died
02/01/12 I Got You, Babe
01/26/12 Love and Forgiveness and Being Sisters
01/18/12 Is This Your Son?
12/28/11 My Name Is Andrew
12/14/11 A Facebook Christmas
11/30/11 My Brother's Keeper
11/15/11 Contest, Colleges, Cruises and Craziness
11/02/11 Journals of My Life
10/12/11 Lyndsey's Journal To God
09/19/11 The Other Son
09/14/11 Naive Enough To Believe
09/01/11 Just Don't Call Me Cougar!
08/29/11 The Great Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Jenkins
08/24/11 Then and Now
08/10/11 Cry Wolf
08/01/11 Conversations, Cookies and Curmudgeons
07/25/11 The Crime of Apathy
07/20/11 Hearts In The Sand
07/13/11 The Relentless Adversary
06/11/11 The Best Summer Ever
06/04/11 Did You See?
05/28/11 The Dance
05/21/11 Raisins From The Dead
05/18/11 Samuel's Legacy
05/07/11 Ruthie's Prayer
04/29/11 Of Men and Wars
04/27/11 For the Sake of the Children
04/19/11 God Loves Bright Pink
03/16/11 Assignments
03/09/11 Not This Minute, Son!
03/01/11 Little Janie and the Flies
02/22/11 Let's Talk About Eternity
02/16/11 I Hear The Sound
02/05/11 And God Was Pleased!
02/01/11 The Gift (i)
01/25/11 That Year!
01/18/11 To Be Beautiful
01/11/11 To Kiss An Angel's Cheek
12/20/10 The Non-Engagement Engagement
12/12/10 Tongues of Men And Of Angels
12/05/10 Miracle Revival Services Nightly
12/01/10 A Century of Days
11/23/10 What's The Big Deal?
11/14/10 I Was There!
11/06/10 Techie Granny
10/31/10 Is There Football In Heaven?
10/23/10 A Letter From Beyond
10/15/10 Cyber Talk

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