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Natural sounding dialogue and a very good message. Well done.
Great story about a sensitive subject, or so I thought it was going to be. I love the happy twist at the end - a Christian counseling center instead of a clinic. Well Done!!
I really liked the fact the even the Christian girl had her own doubts and fears--wasn't an unrealistic "Super Christian." Great reading for teen girls, and to tell you the truth, I think boys would like it, too. Good one for a youth group to read and discuss.
Great characterization and details. You made both girls extremely real. Great job.
Good story and topic for teens to read and discuss!
Some deep life decisions being made here. Hope it is encouraging to teens facing the same problems.
I really like this story. I served on a board at a Christian Crisis Pregnancy Center. The staff there would love this story. Nicely done.
Nice. I wish we'd been able to get more into Ashley's head. She's so easy to relate to, so realistic and not all perfect and everything. The dialouge was realistic and I'm glad that it's happy that everything worked out and Ashley even decided to go talk to the guy. Nice job.
You did a wonderful job of handing a big problem that many teens face, a fantastic to be taken to heart.
A very well told story about a difficult message. I had not heard about "second virginity." It sounds like a good idea for teens who have slipped--pregnant or not.
Great dialogue! I loved the message! Very real! Well-told!
Well done. It's interesting someone said they liked the twist at the end that it was a Christian place, whereas I had that feeling from the beginning with the name of the place. You handled this well and I enjoyed the realistic dialog.
I bet this would be an encouragment to many girls thinking they failed for giving in. You write a great story about second chances. Excellent.

This was an awesome story. It is so full of hope and promise, just like God. He is indeed the maker of second chances. Thanks for writing this...

Blessings, Cheri