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An intriguing story. It seems as much a mystery as a humor piece. I loved the vivid descriptions of the sticky mess, the dialogue, and so on. The scenes and characters really came to life! Excellent writing all the way through.

It does seem incomplete, however--needs some kind of sequel to resolve it, help the reader understand more about the dead body, etc.

The blend of humor and horror (especially the narrator's matter-of-fact attitude about the murder she committed) creminds me a bit of the play Arsenic and Old Lace.
Some great slp-sitck moments here, but I must confess I found the story confusing. I flet I'd missed a bit at the beginning, and something at the end, too.
But the towel stuck to the head with honey... LOL
A great way to continue your story from the previous entry. I'll have to keep reading until this great story is complete. Nice job.
Having a really hard time finding humor in this piece and am disturbed by not understanding about the body. A dead body wouldn't be a light hearted situation, so far as I can tell.
CeCe -- I'm just reading through some of the entries I'd missed and recognized this as a continuation from your mystery challenge entry. What a great idea! Do you really make a vinegar/honey/water tonic -- or is that what your story character does? :) NOW -- I'm off in search of Chapter 3. :)