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You did a good job of creating joyful expectation. The sad ending without a spiritual solution or take-away was a challenge to read. I pray this is not a true event in your life.

I'm not sure "sanitary pads" is an image you want to present.

We have questions when tragedy strikes. Thought provoking piece:)
The title comes alive and real at the end.

The suspense is carried throughout the article.

What would finally happen is the question in the reader's mind.

There is good flow of content that brings us to "an unexpected" conclusion.

Feelings are felt throughout the piece.
Wow this is a powerful story. I used to work in maternity and it was usually the happiest place in the hospital, but when it was sad it was the saddest place.

The only red ink I might suggest would be to name the mother and identify the narrator (was it the father, mother, sister?) Things like that will build up your characters more.

However, I did waiver a bit on naming her because the impact of her death was intense so you definitely did your job of pulling me into the story. Without naming her, it allows her to be my daughter, sister, or friend so I do see both sides of that argument. I think you nailed the topic. As a nurse, I know all that can go wrong during a delivery and often consider it a miracle that there are so many healthy deliveries. You really grabbed my heart with your words. Nicely done.
I tend not to read titles and in your case I missed it until the afterwards, but I'm glad I did because the title would likely have given away the ending for me. The ending was unexpected, I had thought there would be something wrong with the baby, but the title shows one good thing and one bad thing and since the mother would be totally heartbroken I'm not sure you would have been able to use the same title if something happened to the baby. I hope that makes sense. One of the most powerful aspects was your ending. I felt like I'd been punched in the gut (which is a good thing for most readers to feel)
Oh my this was so powerful and the ending was an emotional turmoil, which is how life can be at times. I pray this wasn't a "true story" although, I know these scenarios do happen. If it is true, my deepest sympathy.

Your story held my heart and moved me in many ways.

God bless~