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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Deborah Engle 
Website: www.debbiege.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 93

 About Self
Received an Associates of Arts degree in 2003, and in the process discovered that I enjoy writing. Faithwriters.com has inspired me to explore and stretch myself. Several of my stories have been published on-line or in anthologies. Some of these are written under the pen name of Allison Reed.
Article Archives
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02/08/14 How to Bag a PRO GLOW 1500 204 Free to Share
07/22/12 Out of the Past, Into the Future 448 For Sale
07/02/12 The Christianís Tools for Evangelism 302 For Sale
06/30/12 Me an' Rascal an' a Summer Day 257 For Sale
03/03/09 Through The Ages 543 Free to Share
09/30/07 Cora's Blessing 902 For Sale
09/08/07 A walk In the Park 701 For Sale
08/15/07 A Mother's Heart 1005 For Sale
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10/31/13 It's A New World Out There
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09/13/12 How To Bag a ProGlow 1500
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08/22/12 Such A Deal
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08/01/12 Behind Closed Doors
07/25/12 Going West?
07/17/12 Julie's Sad Truth
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06/06/12 What Solomon Said
05/30/12 Just One Voice
05/22/12 If At First...
01/20/10 Poor Eleanor!
01/13/10 Scotty To The Rescue
11/04/09 Hope Through The Window
10/28/09 Mikey Likes It!
10/21/09 Every Line, Every Spot, Every Dot
10/12/09 The Race You Face
10/05/09 Truly Blessed
09/16/09 The Place To Be
08/31/09 Pretending Doesn't Help
08/25/09 Mama's Boy
08/17/09 What's A Little Snow?
08/02/09 Free To Be
07/29/09 Dancing In The Sky
02/19/09 "Fedder, Fedder!"
02/12/09 That Was On Jeopardy!
01/21/09 Passion Of A Different Sort
01/13/09 My Big Adventure
12/09/08 Celebrate!
11/16/08 Who Would Have Thought?
11/05/08 Tis The Season
10/16/08 Noble Piney
09/16/08 Just A Four Letter Word
09/09/08 My Place In This World
09/01/08 Could It Be?
08/26/08 Gettin' Her Done
08/20/08 An Unusual Event At The Palace
08/13/08 Wendy's Birthday Clipping
08/04/08 A Wondrous Display
07/29/08 Dot, Dot, Dot
07/22/08 The Stuff Of Life
07/15/08 A Happy Coincidence
06/09/08 Change Is On The Way
06/02/08 I Couldn't Rest Last Night
05/29/08 Worth The Sacrifice
05/18/08 Reflections On A Life Well-Lived
05/13/08 Here Comes His Bride
05/07/08 A New Life-28 Years In The Making
04/30/08 The Salvation of Jared
04/20/08 Snowbound Reunion
04/15/08 For Love of Loni
04/09/08 Lessons In LIfe
03/11/08 Meet The Challenge
03/04/08 Of Arithmetic, Reading and Baseball
02/17/08 Not Just Another Crock-Pot
01/31/08 Like Sunlight Breaking Through The Clouds
01/22/08 He Had It Made
01/16/08 Sammy, The Mastermind
01/09/08 It Ran Fine For Me
12/12/07 Bartholomew's Final Lesson
12/04/07 The Gracious Heart of God
11/27/07 I'm Not Like You
11/17/07 God Only Knows
11/10/07 Heather's A-no-ma-nus Gift
11/05/07 The Work Of A Champion
10/28/07 Decision Time
10/21/07 Wesley's First Step
10/14/07 Another Way For Allison
10/07/07 Sunday Blessings
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09/09/07 The Interview
09/03/07 A Willow Street Wonder
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08/21/07 I Am So Confused!
08/07/07 Gerald and Sherry
07/29/07 What A Challenge!
07/21/07 I Can't Believe It!
07/14/07 She's Happy

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07/02/2012 The Christian's Tools for Evangelism