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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Freda Douglas
Website: www.fredas-friends.info
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Articles written: 116

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Freda Douglas had an autobiographical-history book “Cherish the Past” published in 2004, her second book "Winds of Change" is for sale at ur local book retailer by using ISBN #978-1-60143-367-9 in soft cover. She also wrote a weekly personal essay column for 17 years for a local newspaper and is releasing her writings by joining her website or requesting it by email to foxyfreda@embarqmail.com. IBO33@ can be sent directly to your inbox by writing to IBO33@bellsouth.com hot off the press (computer). giving your first name, email address and phone # with a/c. This column is meant to entertain you, not educate you and you can unsubscribe at anytime. She is extremely passionate about her home business Xango and urges those who have received their incentive check to let it work for you, paying you to earn monthly residual checks and get in touch with her by PM on site to learn how. Freda lives alone with her cat Jewely and loves to hear from her readers. I have been out of circulation for 4+ months. When I had my computer hooked up after my move was over I found I had lost all my friends and credits. Loss of credits didn’t bother me. I earned them once. I can again. What does bother me though, is my loss of friends. Nobody can have too many friends. So if you are a previous friend or new since 5/15/09, I extend an invitation to you to join me as a friend. You can enjoy my writing by subscribing to Foxy Freda's Newsletter. All you have to do is give your first name, email address, phone number including area code and send the info with a request to foxyfredalist@aweber.com. They will send you a confirmation and in return you will receive a fiction ebook "Winds of Change" written by me, Freda Douglas. On 4-02-04 I started to use Xango’s all natural liquid supplement and since that time have convinced many other people to control their health problems in similar circumstances. If you would like to talk to me about anything drop me an email to foxyfreda@embarqmail.com. Please give me your name and telephone number, with area code, and a specific day and time you can be reached. I will call you back on my dime.
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