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Name: Robert Coskrey
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Articles written: 60

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Writing History I started writing poetry in high school. Graduated 1988 1990- After high school, I worked for M.H.M.R. where one of my poems " Prisoners" was published in a newsletter. This poem was about the injustices mentally retarded citizens face. 1991-1999- My poetry writing was my best kept secret. I never shared it with anyone and was not very confident of my ability. I came out of my shell as a result of much encouragement from a weight loss support group. TOPS. I was elected Secretary from 1999-2001. During this time My poetry blessed many and was published on the back of a newsletter at a weight loss convention in Midland Tx. in 2000. My poem titled " Take Hold" During this same amount of time, my poetry gained national attention and was used through out TOPS chapters in the USA and as I recently learned, around the world. 2000-2001- I was a member of an online ministry dedicated to poetry. Christianpoets.com where quite a few of my poems were published and still remain. Titles include, " Take Hold," " Step of Faith," " The Light," and many more. 2001- Present- I continue to write poetry however, have branched out to writing other genre. My one goal with my writing is to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Second to this inspire other Christians to a deeper walk with God. I'm currently studying to get my B.A. in ministry.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/18/14 That Cross is Taken 58 For Sale
12/09/13 A Son's Love 148 Free to Share
10/21/13 Rise 113 Free to Share
10/30/11 Who You Are 191 Free to Share
10/15/11 Rise 194 Free to Share
10/03/09 Invasion 337 Free to Share
09/29/09 God of Deliverance 457 Free to Share
07/27/09 In The Fire 394 Free to Share
07/14/09 The Christianese 394 Free to Share
07/09/09 The Biggest Pickle 505 Free to Share
06/29/09 Enough Is Enough 386 Free to Share
06/21/09 The Power of Grace 462 Free to Share
06/13/09 Mountain Tops 368 Free to Share
03/01/09 Storm's Coming 375 Free to Share
01/30/09 Divine Embrace 402 Free to Share
01/26/09 Religion In Politics 462 Free to Share
12/07/08 Jesus Said 380 Free to Share
12/01/08 When Time Stands Still 483 Free to Share
11/27/08 Journey 374 Free to Share
11/10/08 Just Business 537 Free to Share
11/06/08 Coming 446 Free to Share
10/19/08 As The Housekeepers World Turns 609 Free to Share
10/19/08 Running 377 Free to Share
10/16/08 Surprise 408 Free to Share
09/14/08 No Retreat No Surrender 509 Free to Share
09/04/08 Politics Will You Bow or Face The Furnace 463 Free to Share
07/24/08 Safety In The Tabernacle 480 Free to Share
07/08/08 Why The Animal Expert Didn't Get In To Heaven 537 Free to Share
05/04/08 Forgotten People 512 Free to Share
05/04/08 Handicaps 442 Free to Share
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