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Name: Cassie Memmer
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Articles written: 60

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I'm 60, been married for 43 years. We have one daughter. I've felt for years that I was supposed to write. God even gave me a poem one day which was -- He said that I had buried my gift That I must use it in order to lift Those who are hurting and floating adrift To bring them to God that Satan can't sift Get our your books, your paper and pen, Collect all your thoughts, then just begin Writing the words I give you and then, Pray they deliver My people from sin. 7/97 I think I've procrastinated all I dare! So I've prayed for the ummph to get busy and here I am! May He receive all glory!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/23/06 The Dancing Grill 1105 For Sale
08/23/06 Mother's Advice and other Special Talents 1192 For Sale
08/23/06 An Appetite Called Hope 1096 For Sale
08/10/06 My Weekend From Heaven? 1075 For Sale
02/01/06 Esa Discovers Contentment 1192 For Sale
02/01/06 My Chute Always Opens 1186 For Sale
02/01/06 The Accident 1267 For Sale
01/03/06 Talent Search 1602 For Sale
01/03/06 Beautiful is Jesus 1979 For Sale
01/03/06 Mama's Lipstick 1178 For Sale
12/31/05 Treasures 1255 For Sale
12/31/05 Roach Hotel 1187 For Sale
12/31/05 The Gates 1489 For Sale
12/30/05 A Wedding Blessing 13067 For Sale
12/30/05 A Woman's Purse 2083 For Sale
12/30/05 From Valleys to Hope 1253 For Sale
12/29/05 No Sappy Poem for Mother's Day 4589 For Sale
12/29/05 My Brother 1359 For Sale
12/29/05 Surprise Attack 1387 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
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10/25/07 Feudin' Baptism
06/07/07 York, the Troll, the Boy and Souls
05/20/07 Old Slobberin' Joe II
05/16/07 The Hungry Void Despairing Disease
05/09/07 The 1911 Sabbath Shirtwaist Makers
05/01/07 God Protects His Own
04/25/07 Unbidden Love
04/11/07 The Nail Clipping Culprit
03/08/07 It's So Easy
10/25/06 The White Queen of Calabar
10/17/06 The Conscience Police
10/09/06 Chief Billy Watkins
08/29/06 The Prisoner's Song
07/13/06 One Great Friend
06/15/06 Sowing Abundance
06/07/06 My Brother's Dream
05/23/06 The Joy of Soup
05/17/06 No One Is Poor...
05/10/06 Maybe Tomorrow, Sis, Maybe Tomorrow...
04/27/06 God's Strength is The Glue
04/11/06 Diaries of Life
03/13/06 Myrtle's Keepsake Box - 1854
03/05/06 Do Not Enter? (iv)
02/25/06 The Miss Nomer Pageant
02/18/06 The McCoys Reap Their End Results
02/10/06 Break, Break, Break...
02/03/06 Daddy's Pennies
01/26/06 Spaces of the Heart
01/20/06 Abby's Fresh Start
01/16/06 There's No Place...
01/06/06 Blessed Escape
12/11/05 Timmy's Naked Tree
12/04/05 Forever Spring
11/24/05 Bittersweet
11/21/05 The Starving Time
11/12/05 Beautiful is Jesus!
11/06/05 The Great Mystery
10/29/05 Pioneer Cordwainer
10/23/05 Drip... Drip... Drip...
10/12/05 The Apple Tree
10/06/05 Home

Critique Circle Postings
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Date Title

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Date Title
06/09/2007 I Lost My Heart
03/09/2007 A Woman's Toolbox
02/16/2007 Mama's Lipstick
02/16/2007 Beautiful is Jesus
01/11/2007 My Brother
11/18/2006 Old Slobberin' Joe
11/16/2006 Where Do You Stand?
11/16/2006 The Christmas Gospel
11/04/2006 Merry Christmas
10/27/2006 The Littlest Star