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Wow! Amazing story. I like how you brought the Christian beliefs into this scenario. I could hear the drummers, and I likened it to what goes on at Disneyland's Tiki Room attraction, that is, the frenzy of the drums. Well done!
Wow this is really powerful. It shows how even Christians who talk to God can feel desperate. That's one of the ways the devil enters in. I thought this was spot on topic and really fresh. It took me to a place and culture that is so different from any I know.
This feels like the beginning of a longer work. You painted a clear picture of the setting. Great voice, too.
This is a strong piece and should do well.
Wow... the culture permeates this. I could hear and feel this, even tasting the dust.
I liked how you turned the thoughts to God at the end.
With words, you painted a picture that continues to linger in my mind. I could see and hear and feel the performance. I'm thankful that you included that we know our God hears us.
The truth is, when we're parched and dehydrated, we'll do just about anything for a drink. This is a story that can lend to spiritual and physical applications. :) Well done.
This was a well written story that brought a different perspective to the table about "worship" --- whole different culture and aspect was brought to life in this piece.

On topic for sure...

Having heard the African drums and felt the African rains, I sense again the vibrant timbrel and timbre of the life dance in your words and pictures. Well done.
You painted a picture with your words. It's interesting to read about something in a different country. And I like the ending.
Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!