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Fits the topic, appealing characters, and thoughtful application. (Red ink: The paragraphing needs some attention.)
I chuckled throughout this story. I could picture some type of cartoon characters as your two pets- kind of like Pinky and the Brain! Loved the ending.
Loved it for its descriptions and its fun - and for the bridge to provoke a little deeper thinking. Well done.
This is a sweet story. I could picture the dog and the cat too. It's a fresh take on the topic with a great message. I also really liked the prayer.
I got such a kick out of this. I could picture Dopey Bob and Hodges. A fun piece with a meaningful point at the end. Well done.
I enjoyed this devotional with a really apt analogy of our actions to those of pets like Dopey Bob.
Very cute with an important truth as well.
I love the next to the last line. I'm still grinning.
This is the kind of dogged imagery that sticks in my head. I'll be looking at dogs differently on my next visit to the dog park. Good entry.
Ha Ha! Very good descriptions! It may be just me, but the incomplete sentences kept it from flowing smoothly. I liked the spiritual application and the last sentence.
Congratulations on ranking 13th overall. Happy Dance!