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I have a pretty good idea who wrote this one. :D Nicely done. I can almost see the dog across my screen.
This is outstanding. I felt like I was right there in the room. I can't imagine what an amazing blessing this would be for both couples. You did a great job with the dialog and body language. Outstanding job.
Beautifully written, great take on the topic.

Excellent job of telling a story mostly through dialogue. You really showed the leading of the Lord in a special situation. Well done.
Very realistic characters. I felt like I was there eavesdropping.Great job.
I love this thoughtful young couple and believe they chose well. Thank you for this well written piece.
Oh, I really like this. Definitely something that would be a blessing for everyone involved. Nice job.
Ooh, great take on the topic, well written, and held my attention. Well done. :)
They say we should write about a subject we know well so it's obvious you are well-acquainted with this one. I love lots of dialogue in stories and you write so well I'm sure you must be a professional editor as well as a writer. And I liked the obvious love between the husband and wife since this has to be a joint decision. Very well done.
Just by your title, I figured it had to be about your dogs somehow. You did not fail me! I enjoyed this peek into a private conversation. Well done!
Congratulations on ranking 17 overall. Happy Dance!
Just read the comments. Is this about dogs? I'm completely baffled. I enjoyed reading the story, but I'm afraid it went right over my head. I am seriously lacking knowledge of dogs, Harleys, 'gestational carrier'. I'm guessing this is a great story but I don't get it.