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This is a beautiful story. The message is one so many of us can relate to. The descriptions were great and the topic definitely present, yet subtle and unique. Nicely done.
Lovely job with the topic,
thank you,
You really take a risk leaving your heart open for all to see, but yours is a lovely heart, open to God's will and pleasing Him.
Your story shows how God moves us beyond conviction to His blessings.
This makes me think of the lyrics in the song Count Your Blessings: "Name them one by one." Sometimes the best blessings are right in front of us, yet we think we need (or want) more. This is a wonderful reminder of that. Thank you for sharing this.
Oh man. The last line got me. I wasn't expecting that. Great job with this.
I have battled this so often, and am thankful for not having it bite and gnaw at me right now. I teared up at the end. Such a revelation, I hope to grasp soon. Beautiful writing. :)
This is beautiful. I love the message and the unexpected ending. Well done.
As a little girl I, too, fantacized about a two-story home a few blocks away
Nothing grand about the simple white-framed house, except for that second story. But our memories were made in the two-bedroom that housed our family of six.
Thanks for the memory. Great writing :)
If we are honest, I am sure we all experience this kind of discontent at one time or another. And that is what makes this story so special. We tend to forget our blessings when we compare ourselves to others.

Well written.
I love seeing the big picture. . . the life story. We learn so much from looking back and seeing God's faithfulness. I want to leave several Blessing Books behind for my family. They are our stories. Your story is a testimony to God's gifts being the best.
I've found myself in similar situations--wishing for something I couldn't have or wanting something I used to have.

Well written, Yvonne.
I'm really late on my comments, but trying to get caught up. I've heard of others doing a blessing book, too. Beautiful story.