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A great story, and clever way of staying on topic. Each paragraph flowed well from one to the next, and kept my interest. Made me realize how difficult it must be coming into a new country with different customs and wording.
Very creative approach to the topic - despite the mix of anxiety and confidence that flows through the story. A very enjoyable read.
A very different, but very good take on the topic. I could feel your anxiety as you took the test!
This is a first class entry. I could sense your apprehension and wonder what it would be like for someone who didn't even speak English. At least, you had that for a plus. I love the way you used "feet" as a measurement when most people would be writing about feet as a body part. Great job and very skillfully done!
I could feel your dismay when you saw the math problems.

It actually made me think about IQ tests and children from different cultures who take them. They aren't really fair sometimes.

Good job on drawing the reader in to see what happens next.
I could picture this, and I could feel your anxiety in the situation in this well told story. It was a nice take on the topic as well.
I enjoyed this. It pulled me in right away. I was screaming at the interviewer to just say there are twelve inches in a foot and three feet in a yard. That would have solved the conversion problem! It made me laugh and root for the MC. You did a great job of writing on topic and developing the characters.
Since this is a true story, I have a feeling that the interview clinched it. I can only imagine what they thought of the math!
But I felt all the emotions from beginning to end and could imagine the anxiety of waiting, and the excitement of getting the job.
Good stuff here!
I would panic at a math question anyway! Well done dealing with the problem, and well done telling this story.
Oh, to think of the extra work to convert them twice! I agree with the other comment that I just wanted to yell at the interviewer to tell you 12 inches to a foot and 3 feet to a yard!

Great job thinking outside the box on the topic. You drew me in and had me rooting for the MC (you.)
Congratulations on ranking 20th overall. Happy Dance!