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Your entry proved the title with an amazing array of God's creations, using every color and hue at His disposal and wasting nothing. How anyone could look at a mountain full of red and yellow maple leaves or a garden of multi-colored tulips and not see the generosity of God is beyond me. I loved your poem giving all praise and glory to Him.
Lovely poetry. Good writing. God bless.
Beautifully written - and a great reminder of our Creators creative touch.
Beautiful poem! I could see the world coming to life with the colors!
This is really lovely. You painted a beautiful picture with your words. Even though you used the word waste, if I were to have guessed the topic, I would have guessed color. Your message is clear though and it brought a smile to my face.
I love it! Our Creator loves it too. : )
Got to love the colors in this poem. Great job. So glad this was chosen as a winner!
Well done Verna. You've covered so much, so succinctly.