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I was hoping for a hopeful ending, and you delivered in a most creative way. I also think you did a good job realistically depicting the tension between them.
This was a great read. I loved the descriptions and had several nice chuckles. I liked that the ending wasn't wrapped up too neatly, but it still offered hope.
A powerful story with a glimmer of hope as the light comes filtering through in the ending...well done.

God bless~
I'm glad the couple could laugh at the end. Sometimes, the best medicine is finding humor in the situation.

God bless~
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
This "EC" winning story felt so real, I truly enjoyed it!
Congrats on your EC. You've encapsulated so much of your MC's thinking without submerging anyone in it. (You saved that part until the end!!!)
Well done.
Congratulations, Leola. I enjoyed this story. You did well at keeping the tension going between the two characters and bringing in a glimmer of hope at the end. Great writing!
Congratulations on your EC!
Laughter is the finest medicine. Nicely written piece my dear.
I loved when she caught him with the fishhook. :) Your details brought their adventure to life. I'm so glad the truck could be salvaged. Excellent title for this! This is great! <3