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Your title drew me in, and I like the premise of the story, and enjoyed the interplay among the characters.
My only red ink probably applies to my own entry this week, too. :) The transition of the kids' attitudes seemed a bit condensed and rushed. (That nasty word limit!) But I think if you had been able to find some ways to condense the beginning, you would have had more words for the transformations at the end.

This was a fun read.
This was great. I liked that you presented the conflict right up front. I could totally picture the daughter fuming in the back. I did notice some minor typos and misplaced commas, but overall, I think you did a great job. I liked your take on the topic. You didn't just settle for a regular weekend at Dad's, but truly made it a getaway.
Interesting read and on topic, I enjoyed your entry. well done.

God bless~

God bless~
Congrats on your EC, which sets the scene for a much longer and still totally-credible story - even though your MC admits to lying. Your build-up was terrific, though the word limit has compressed the end to a degree.
One of our kids spent a whole term at a school farm and hated every minute of it - until three weeks to go, when she suddenly didn't want to leave.
Well done.
Congratulations on your EC. I really enjoyed this story and found the teenage characters very believable. I had s feeling that they were going to like their weekend away eventually. Great writing!
My favorite entry this week.

Good going dad!