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This is by far the best 'Trip Advisor' review of Paris I have read. I have been a camera encrusted visitor four times now, but never had quite so much fun as I have reading this account. It really is a laugh a line.

Some favourites - "C'est la vie," my taxi driver told me with a shrug. So I shrugged also, "Okay, I'll say la vie." - I asked the waiter if he had frogs legs. He replied "Non monsieur. I always walk this way." And best of all, 'I found Rue de Remarque's named after abusive exchanges between drivers and passengers.'

This is an eclectic mix of English and French avec le grande heap of Noelogisms to spice it up. Loved it!
I had a feeling I knew who wrote this! I loved your descriptions of Paris, the effortless blend of interesting facts and little vignettes, all tied together with your trademark humour. Great writing!
This was simply punderful! I really don't know how you can pull this off week in and week out:) You've quite a talent.
I enjoyed le weekend in this tale of two Parisian cities. My favorite was the "fromage" - from "age" cheeses. I'd learned just enough French and remembered the famous artists from my high school years to make this completely entertaining and enjoyable to read--with a little deciphering on the side. Great work Matre des jeux de mots! I had to borrow a French translator for that. (I hope I didn't say anything untoward.)
Great job with the topic!

God bless~
This is awesome!! I love the puns and the creativity.
Louv-red this piece on Paris. The writing style was the arc in innovation which made it a Triomphe. This was a masterpiece which I thoroughly enjoyed. This is why Mona Lisa is smiling again.

I love your puns and your sense of humor. Although I haven't looked at the brick-throwing thread, I'd be amazed if I was wrong who the author is. You definitely have a gift for punniness.

I'll admit, I did struggle a bit with it and had to reread a lot. Part, I'm sure was due to the French words. I also struggled with some incomplete sentences and I noticed you incorrectly used the semicolon a few times. I think you were using it more as em dash instead of a way of connecting two independent phrases. Speaking of em dashes. I know some experts argue about whether there should be a space on either side. I don't think it matters as long as you're consistent.

I know you brought a smile to almost, if not everyone's lips. You really are brilliant. You had a pun for almost every French thing I can think of. You're right on topic and your piece is highly entertaining.