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I like your lighter, self-deprecating touch on the denial that seizes grandparents with constant justification. A good fun read.
This was brilliant in every way. I really enjoyed the humour and way it was written. Awesome piece!
Excellent work!

Well done...

God bless~
How courageous to write from the second person point of view! It worked out really well.

I never even thought about envy between grandmothers, but after reading your, I guess I'll need some grace in the future :)
We are not blessed with grandbabies, but this is totally identifiable! I had Grams that were in similar situations. We practically lived at our Hungarian/Czech gram who offered unbeatable chicken paprikash, The Lone Ranger with Vernor's Ginger Ale, and endless relentless Bingo games. Our other Gram always brought "untouchable" gifts such as Storybook Dolls - our Mom was adamant about the not Mom's mom did work at a bakery, and boy, did she make terrific potato pancakes! Sigh. I miss them both muchly . . .

Brilliant use of irony. Good lessons presented with humour and insight.
As a Granddad, I may not experience a grandma's jealousy, but I think I'm feeling writer's envy. :-D
Oh yes - you are back with a bang and a snotty snout. How wonderful! No-one appreciates bodily fluids like we do.

I love this tale for its originality and the unusual view point. I'm never likely to become a grandmother, but if there was a miracle, and presuming I survived the shock, then I would definitely be the type you portrayed so very well... And without conscience. Who needs it - I love babies!

That said, I love the way you depicted the overseen Gran all the way through, and in the irony of your final paragraph brought her selfishness to light. I hang my head in shame.

Great piece for the topic. Hope it does well. Bob in again soon.
Such tender advice! ;) You have a gift for irony. I really enjoyed this. (Admit here at wanting to be the favorite---but not going to that far!)
Haha! This sounds very similar to how to be the favorite aunt.

Wonderful writing.

It is hard not to be "too giving" when it comes to our Grandchildren. Every Christmas, Easter and Birthday I feel myself apologizing to God and ask Him to help me bring our buying under control.
Pertaining to your article, I am watching how to use punctuation, hyphens, Capital letters and quotation marks as I read. Something I didn't take serious in school. I would of never thought of capitalizing the "PreciousOne" and "Favorite" one... so now I need to study how to use that better and why. I have been doing it incorrectly. Also, I recognized that I never used the word "traipse" because I didn't know how to spell it! I have much too much to learn to correct anything, although you asked me too. Sorry. Hope as time goes on I can mutually help you in that area.
Just a note: My kids have a "favorite" Aunt... Every kid should have one! She was wonderful even if I dreaded the toys that she sent them home with. I got her back a few times when she had "Adam." lol
As Granny Pam I find this delightful. The 'bees-knees' is a great attention grabber!

Wing His Words

Wing His Words
Woweeee! I'm sorry I didn't catch this story! Congratulations on your placing for a well-deserved win! Soooo happy for you!

Happy Day and Happy Dance!
Congrats Shann!

I'm so happy for you. Excellent work my friend, so so thrilled for your well deserved EC and recognition.

God BLess~
Whoopeeee! I am so happy for you. Of course we both know it was the nose-juice wot did it! It's our little secret though, else they'll all be at it. Congratulations on a very well deserved win. Happy hop!
Well done, Shann. Terrific work and your recognition is so well-deserved. It's only fair that you should be on the receiving end of praise when you serve up so much to the rest of us - week after week.
God bless you.
Congratulations, Shann. I just loved this! It was so clever and amusing, getting across its message with great humour. Definitely a deserving winner!
I enjoyed this from beginning to end. Your point of view was perfect for this story and added to the humor. I want my parents to read this. Although now that my kids are mostly teens, they are happy to be the grandparents that get to wave goodbye after a visit and restore peace to their home. My mother-in-law who shares her home with all seven of us looks forward to the other grandparents getting a turn! Congratulations!
Wow, your entry really put the spotlight on an issue in many grandmas hearts that even they may not have considered. Since one of my grandmas was in Australia and the other in Montana, this was never an issue for my own mum, but I can easily see how it could be in the circumstances you've described here. A great ending to the wrenching of the Favorite's heart. Congrats on a well-deserved win! (Nothing like the perfect timing of the Lord to reinforce what your friends try to tell you, eh? It's great to see you set aside your editing pen to produce another winner for us to read.)
Congratulations. I so enjoyed the humour in this. Well deserved placing.
Congratulation on taking a win with this fun lesson-giving entry. In light of the many comments, you must have struck a chord with lot of readers. You nailed the topic!
Yay Shann! This is great. So cute. Congrats on your well deserved EC!
Congratulations on your 3rd place finish in the Editor's choice. I have always looked forward to your encouraging words and examples of ways to improve. Even though I have never been a grandmother,I could easily identify with this story from an aunt's prospective. Time for the happy dance.
So many well deserved comments, Shann. Now it's my time to do a Happy Dance. Great writing and cleverly executed. Congratulations!
Your light tone eases the barbs of truth that may hit a little close to home as a grandma of 5, whose other grandmas have had some different opportunities than we have had to spend time with them.
Thank you for all of your encouragement to the writers here, and specifically for your most kind comments on "Your Fountain."

I'm not a grandma yet, but I know who I don't want to be like!

I've never understood why people wise enough to turn their noses up at spoiled food would go out of their way to make a spoiled child!

A good "reverse psychology" warning here!
Whoever wrote about THAT before!
I quake to predict my fatal failure in The Favourite stakes when my son and his wife have their first; The Other is unbeatable! But thankfully, also my best friend :)
It was beautiful.