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Quite an adventure for sure...this also could have fit the topic for this week as well.

Excellent writing here.

God bless~
I read somewhere,"If humour is a mark of culture, then I like to maintain that self-irony is a mark of a mature culture, by which I really mean self-irony or the ability to laugh at oneself, to take oneself lightly."

Proof you really have matured since you were fifteen!

I had a good laugh while reading your excerpt of the adventure that's called adolescence. Thanks for sharing.
That sounds like quite an adventure! Your descriptions were so vivid. I'd love to know what happened next.
Some wonderful turns of phrase. This was my favourite: "the difference between lawyers and leeches is revealed: when you die, the leech will drop off!"
Those who learn to laugh at themselves will never cease to be amused!

Too funny.

It would take a teenager to think sunglasses would make you look cool at night. :)
Oh, how funny. I love the dry wit. That whole thing had me laughing all the way through!!!
Tut Tut! Wait 'til I see your dad!
There has to be a God! When we look back sometimes, it is a miracle that we survived...and not just once. I loved the line about the lawyers and leeches.
Congratulations on ranking 20th overall! Happy Dance!