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Great job!

God bless~
Clever and creative approach to the topic. I suspected that Jonah was going to come into view - though there was no chance to 'intoview' him. Clear and credible parallels in this update. Well done.
Oh, very clever and creative indeed. I was too 'thick' to see the connection with Jonah until it was spelled out for me but I thoroughly enjoyed the traumatic journey. Well done!
Clever twist on a familiar story. The garbage imagery was appropriately gross!
Mail for the Prime Minister is normally sent to 10 Downing Street rather than to the House of Commons. But I dare say it would get there.
Oh boy, what fun! "Cadged a lift"...that still makes me laugh every time I read it. :P

"Menacing eyes trained on me like infrared gun sights". Hehe...I love it.

And praise God that He does give second chances. :)
Very well done, really proud of you. I knew you were more than just a proofreader or editor.

well done.
Congratulations! You pulled off a very difficult task in placing that Bible story into your own setting. Great writing as always.
Great retelling of the a familiar story. Congratulations and well done!
The slimmy story stinks. I wouldn't touch it but it does deserve your placing. Why can't we remember lessons like Jonah's BEFORE and not afterwards?
God bless~
This is brilliant. Oh I loved every word. You are beyond talented. Congratulations and of course, Happy Dance!
Congratulations. a very very well deserved win.
Wow, the concluding paragraphs REALLY brought it home! Very good - thank you for sharing your gifts with us! And, I needed that. I'm considering myself fed. Mmm, mmm.