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Spot on! Aesop's fables are just that - fables. You have told it like it is and not just a story for the sake of a moral lesson. Thank you for realism and doing it so well. Are any more coming? Perhaps the boon goons have a lot more to answer for in other fables where we have been given a mickey.
PS I am all for turning Aesops fables into adventure stories.
This was clever and well done. Great work.

God bless~
This will go down in history; and you shell never hare the end of it because you've tortoise all so much background detail we'd never suspected was there.
This was funny, clever, enthralling and a real pleasure. Every word, every sentence, essential and delicious.

I MUCH prefer this to the original, and I will NEVER hear the original again without thinking about your story. Hmmm. I may have to print out a copy of this fantastic story so I can wave it in the air and present the real truth when faced with the lies of the Aesop tale (lies! they're all lies I tell you)!
This was a delightful read. I think I'll wait a few years before sending it to my grandkids, though. :D
Congratulations on your EC. Thanks for bringing so much fun into Mr Aesop. I always adored his fables. In case anyone was offended by my previous comments, they were all tongue in cheek.
I'm so thrilled your memorable clever story got this high placing. Yay! I'm doing a dance for you, teehee.
God bless~