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This is a hoot. You have a delightful sardonic sense of humor and the article was sprinkled with it. I struggled with seeing the topic a bit, though it certainly brings to mind the pros and cons of professional dog sitter vs friends, and medicating vs running wild. The pictures you painted were brilliant. You managed to really develop the MC and the characters of the two dogs, not an easy task in only 750 words. I love a story that leaves me chuckling and you certainly did that.
Loved this story. I could picture all of the shenanigans of Phoebe in the backyard.It made me smile as I read through every part of the story. I could especially relate to the frustration in frantically trying to answer a phone with my hands full and just missing it! You paint a picture when you write and I really enjoy that.
Well written story told with a clever plot and a wonderful wrap-up.

God job.

God bless~
I enjoyed your doggie tale and the way you used the topic at the end. Your friend definitely did not weigh up the pros and cons.

I also wrote a doggie tale this week. Yours ended up psycho and mine deceased. What's the matter with us!!!
I loved the line, “I didn't know your dog was psycho.”

A really enjoyable read.
This was a lot of fun in its energy, imagery and humour. Even the Phoeble-est minds would have to agree. Great work - even if it isn't yours....
AS terrier terrorist parents we are daily observers of insane doggie antics.
Your tale is a sweet and funny look into another world.
How funny!

Only red ink I have is the sentence: 'Yes, the exclamation point is appropriate.' Although I thought it was funny, it seemed like it was you speaking rather than your MC. Maybe could have said 'I could hear the exclamation point at the end of her 'Yes!'

It was believable to the point that I was surprised to see that it was fiction. I have a feeling there is at least a little thread of true story in there...
All said, it's a great story. I look forward to seeing what you write each week.
Couldn't get enough. Loved the ending.