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Oh what an artist you are. Not only did you take me back in time, but across the ocean. I think to Scotland, but maybe Ireland or England, but it doesn't matter because it's a beautiful place--boils and all. I love the expert way you wove the topic through every line. This is sheer brilliance and I totally love it.
Written like a literary giant. Well done and well said.

God bless~
Brilliant, amazing writing. A masterpiece. All that was missing was a mention of Nessie, but I'll forgive you!
I ditto what others have already commented. I don't even consider myself knowledgeable enough to comment on this.

I loved it from start to finish.
Loved the atmosphere here. You've expressed this swither real sense of authenticity. Unlike Danielle, I've picked up Nessie more than once: there's thoughtfulNess and tenderNess to name only two.
You've also nailed the topic with your MC's inner to-ing and fro-ing, without making totally introspective. Great work.
Your voice in this piece remained faithfully in character throughout, not an easy task considering it's not only a different culture but another time as well.

Your attention to detail is staggering. The description of porridge, the maladies, the dinner, the atmosphere and even the weather were all so fleshed out that it is obvious you did your homework for this piece.

Time for you to go back to challenge retirement and stop making the rest of us look like the rankest of amateurs. :)
"...avail himself of generous amounts of soap and water at least once every other fortnight." Brilliant.

My red ink is that you ended. I so much wanted to read the story of this doctor's life.

Write a book and I'll buy it.
Delightful tale of love behind your plot.

I really enjoyed your numerous provincial euphemisms.
Wonderful story.

Maybe if I read enough of your writing, your talent will start to rub off on me! :)
Ditto, to the above! WOW
Congratulations on ranking 17 overall! Happy Dance!