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I have tears in my eyes. I'm not a huge romance genre fan, but this far surpasses any romance I ever have read. It even seems too weak of a word to call this masterpiece. It took my breath away and your characters almost seem to good to be true, but I know they aren't. When we put Christ first, spouse second and ourselves third, God is present in the marriage allowing such a beautiful unconditional love that you showed so beautifully. You are a true artist and this story is a gorgeous painting of love.
So very beautiful! I know a husband and wife much like this couple. He is in bad health; yet, hers is worse and he does all humanly possible to care for his wife.

Keep Winging His Words!
Wow, a real tear-jerker you've crafted here. It's a beautiful story of love and commitment. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Oh my. This brought tears to my eyes. Such a lovely story. The kind I like to read. Love gives strength to the weak, every time. After all those years he would be lost without her.

Your writing never ceases to amaze me. Just an excellent piece with Christ right in the middle of it.

Blessings, Lynn
I enjoy so very much, your articles! This is such a sweet story that

I see God's hand in each article you share with us. This should have you in the top 5 no doubt.

This article makes the Lord smile and know that he has a precious Christian lady that he can count on each and every week to honor him.

God Bless!!

This is such a beautiful story of true and unselfish love. My father kept his parents out of nursing homes and I decided I would do the same for him. Thank God I was able to complete that task.

You touched my heart with this one. So marvelously written.

Do you see my eyes dancing with delight? Congratulations!

Wing His Words
I'm doing a lot of screaming and dancing today! I'm so happy for you. Eeeeeeee! Congratulations! Happy, happy dance! Eeeeeeee!
I can relate to this. My parents are quite elderly and have their issues. Yet in their own ways they watch out for each other. It drives us siblings nuts sometimes because we think Dad should do this or Mom that. The bottom line is that it's love in action, which is pleasing to God.
Congratulations on your EC's placing!
Congrats! I expected this to do well.
Oh! I am so proud of this! It is a superb story and a well deserved win and EC. Congrats to you on both. You go, girl!

Blessings, Lynn
Congratulations Camille. This is a beautiful and emotional piece and I love the title.
So very beautiful in every way! I love this story of love! Congratulations on EC.
Congratulations CD! Wonderful job.
This is straight out of my pastoral care for my last church. That couple was younger than these two, but the man's devotion to his wife - who was less able to communicate than Mildred - was just as inspiring. Congratulations on your portrait, and on your well-deserved placing. Great work.
Absolutely lovely all the way through. Well done.
Congratulations, Camille, on your 3rd place EC. You have painted a lovely picture of these two characters and their love. I think the title you chose is very appropriate and speaks volumes itself.Great writing!
just popped in here after many weeks! Saw your 3rd EC, huge Congrats! Beautiful writing!