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You've done anexcellent job crafting this piece. Throughout the read, a picture unfolded until, at last, it was over...all too soon, I might add. The way the world is going, we're not far from this now. More and more topics are forbidden to be mentionned from the pulpit. Sobering truth you've presented to us. Thank you for a super job.
WOW! I was captivated by this beginning to end! It leaves you in suspense until the end. And what a great message, to memorize the word and keep it in our hearts, so if we should face the day it is taken away from us, we still have it. Excellent!
Oh my goodness, this is absolutely the best piece you have ever written, as far as I am concerned. Expertly written and expressed, and it touched me on a very deepest level. I cried at the end. Thank you for sharing this masterpiece of "End Times"

I feel like I should congratulate you ahead of time, but I will wait.

WOW! Famine is such a strong word. I think of Naomi and her family pulling up roots and moving to a heathen country in search of food. I fear that most will not even notice spiritual famine. God's word is food to feast upon! Thanks for your challenging message.

Wing His Words
Very insightful material, with a touch of the search that traces through Ecclesiastes. Great job.
I love the intrigue in this and the way you wrap it up at the end. Very nicely written, very well told.
If you haven't read these books, they go well with this theme and what you wrote. I loved this trilogy:
Congratulations on ranking 8th in your level and 11 overall. So close, yet still a well-deserved Happy Dance!
This was a great story, came by to read your work, congratulations in placing in top 10 in your group!!