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You can't begin to know how much this awesome story means to me. I feel the same way about passing from my earthly life into the next. I look forward to that day, whenever and however, Jesus chooses to take me home.

This is utterly beautiful and if this doesn't win or place, I'll be bitterly disappointed. Unique and original and brilliant. Superb writing!
You took my breath away as I moved deeper into this article. Tender, yet powerful. Gripping, yet freeing on other levels. You've done a great job of drawing us in, causing memories to surface of our own loved ones experiencing their final moments on this earthly journey, evoking emotions, and provoking thought. Isn't this what a writer hopes will happen when her work is read? Nice job!
Wow, how powerful! We are so used to the pain and sorrow from the human perspective, as people neat death. But we seldom think of the pain it causes our Lord as He watches the pain suffered before we pass over to Him. What a great job you did showing that! This gave a multidimensional view of the topic and was just wonderfully written!
This is beautiful. You did a marvelous job with the voice of Jesus. I could feel the love and the dialog was perfect. I went back and forth between the MC being Jesus and a hospice volunteer. You really did a splendid job with this. I also liked the unique take on the POV. While I suspect many will write about that light, your voice made it an out of the box story.
Such a tender story with a surprise ending. To God be the glory!

Wing His Words
You've encapsulated the science of nursing and infused it with the ministry and art of nursing as well. Powerful and transparently expressed. I hope it rates well.
Congratulations on your EC! This deserves to win first place, but I am so happy for you. A truly inspirational story. Blessings girl!
Congratulations! Happy Dance!
You took my breath away with your beautiful, tender, yet powerful story. It is a well deserved winner. Congratulations!
Congrats on a well-deserved E.C.! I was just starting to give my cheering, shouting football fan voice a bit of a rest until the next celebration over Seattle's win at the Super Bowl, when I checked on the E.C. list. Indeed, it's like a brand-new wave of rejoicing has gripped me and my hands are clapping hard while my strained voice renews it's thundrous volume! Way to go girl!
Hi Camille. I couldn't comment before (after reading your entry), for obvious reasons, but have been waiting for the moment to do so. This entry ministered to me in a powerful way this week. We lost a precious treasure in our church on Monday after an 18 month battle with cancer. Because I know your background, and because I was reading this with the knowledge of who you are, I actually thought it was a true story from your experience. Then the ending grabbed my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for writing this particular entry, this particular week.
This is excellent, powerful, and so well-written. I LOVED your beautiful ending. All I can think to say is, "Wow!" Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award!
This is a beautiful reminder of the hope of the Christian. Congratulations on the recognition. May many find encouragement in your words.
Congratulations on this beautiful entry! I want to share this with my family because my aunt just died of cancer and was suffering. This opens our eyes to the reality that God is there with His children in the end, ready to bring them home.