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Well done! This would make a terrific article in a YA publication. Also, sounds like a great start to a "William" book series?
Well written story. I am glad Billy is finally realizing what a strong man looks like.
Well written. Good job portraying the MC--you really put yourself in his place. Like the way the name Billy/William showed how the MC's thinking was changing in his new surroundings. Good job.
Sadly there are many real children out there, never being taught right or ever shone the love of Christ. How sad that in reality many children never hear the name of Jesus in their homes, except as swear words. Praise God for all those who reach out to these children. This was very well written and a reminder how very important it is to be good examples for our children. Enjoyed the read!
This is so sad! Well written, but sad. Makes my heart break for all the kids who learn "unspoken" lessons like this. Then again, the father was a kid once, too, and he probably learned it from his dad. The cycle continues... :-(

The piece itself was well done. One tiny thing: it seemed like the word "measure" jumped out a couple too many times in the beginning, like you were trying to include the topic name. I think using it only once or twice would have had the same effect. But that's just me. :-)

Overall, nicely written story on topic.
Wonderful writing on a difficult subject. This was presented with clarity and sensitivity. Breaks my heart to think of those going through abuse at this very moment.

God Bless~
This is a powerful piece. I could feel the pain of the MC in each word near the beginning. It left a tight feeling in my heart because I know there are too many bully Billies in the world.

As I read on I could feel my heart get lighter and it filled with hope and joy. The only red ink I have is I don't think you needed the last line. To me, it felt like it was wrapped up too neatly and as a way to make sure the readers saw the topic.

For me it wasn't necessary as I thought it was on topic from the beginning. I also saw Billy as a work in progress, not totally healed yet, but taking the right road to reach that healing spot. You did a grand job with a hard subject. It was a delight to read and opened my eyes to a new sense of hope.
I love how you have built this without going in to salacious detail, and left the ending open for more growth to occur in his life.