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This incredibly creative fiction story is the best one I've ever read based on the Bible story of Babel. The details make it real, and the ending is just right.
Aha! The jokes on this 'superior'! Love this entry.
Simply superb...the story of the tower of Babel uniquely presented, masterfully written, captivating beginning to end!
First of all, I really like they way this is formatted. I can easily see it as a Sunday School lesson for both teens and adults. It is so well written and engaging so that the didactic is almost hidden.

Secondly, as to the article's content. I sometimes love reading books where I don't know the ending...keeps me guessing. On the other hand, I also like books where I do know what's about to happen because I know the MC (especially if they are villainous like Akkade here) they will eventually get their due reward - it makes the reading of their antics that more delicious. And in this way, the context of this article follows the story line of the Bible. We know how it will all end. And therefore, even with all the huffing and puffing and false bravado of the evil villains in our lives, we know both their destinies and our own. Great job!
Good, tight writing. Keeps moving right along and kept me reading to the end even though I knew the ending!
Great insights and research to produce an engaging on-the-spot account of this ambitious construction project. Well done, because you haven't allowed the evaluation of hind-sight to hind-er your clarity. Well done.
(Found it!) Wow, oh wow, this is amazing. The unfolding story, the personalities, the ending - all took my breath away. Amazing and so descriptive. The powerful sentence 'Some mornings as I see clouds surround the top, I almost believe it is the breath exhaled from the tower' almost seemed an accurate glimpse into the thoughts of the past. Thank you for this excellent piece.
Ingenious and clever approach to the topic at hand. Well written account/story based on the "Tower of Babel"
Nicely done.

God bless~
Well done! Your story, based on real events, is well thought out. It also parallels today's world in many ways.
Wow, you really took me into the mind of the MC. It gave me a totally new POV of the familiar Bible story. I think you did a grand job with this one.
: ) : )Congratulations, Beth. Really enjoyed this and glad to see it so highly recognized.
Many many congratulations Beth - am so glad this took a very well deserved 1st place. Its excellent!
Oh, how wonderful! Fantabulous! Buen trabajo! Fantastico! Que te bendiga el Dios! Y tu trabajo de escribir.
FABULOUS, Beffy. Just wow. Congrats, sweetie.
Comgratulations on your win Beth,But surely there's a health warning here. If an entry called "Ziggurat" can win, doez thiz mean we'll all have to ztart zmoking? But zeriouzly, great job.
Great story! I love Bible stories from a different POV. It makes you look at them from a closer perspective.
Congratulations on being #1, especially in a new genre for you!
WOW! I'm speechless! Congratulations big style.
Congratulations on your 1st place EC award. I knew it was a winner the first time I read it. I'm going to download it into my favorites.
Wooooo-hoooooooooo!! First Place!! Congratulations on this high honor! :) Your story deserves it for its originality and cleverness! WAY TO WRITE!!
Congratulations Beth! This is a beautifully crafted and extremely creative story. I don't know how I missed it when I scrolled through the entries earlier. A very well-deserved first place!
Congrats! God bless~
This is so good! I loved the 'you are there' change to Spanish at the end. Congratulations!
Congratulations, Beth! You did an excellent job bringing this story to life. I'm so happy for you for your placement!
Stunning variation on the Tower of Babel story. You took us on a fantastic journey- Thanks and congratulations on this well deserved win!
Very clever and engaging. I especially love the language change at the end. You really brought this biblical event to life!
Congratulations! Original and well-written piece.