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Wonderfully written! Interesting to read, holds much to ponder in its lines. How can anyone believe in the “Big Bang”...that any "accident" could set in place the perfect symmetry maintained in nature, planets, the universe needed to support life? Absolutely the fingerprint of God is everywhere! Terrific job on this!
This I love - especially after an artist friend tried to encourage me to try drawing using just these facts. Wasted effort. Words, on the other hand ... And you have used the words to great effect. God bless you.
A wonderful read. Yes, we should all be defined by the beauty in our heart, for so many beautiful people on the outside are stone cold empty on the inside.

This is excellent writing!
Let's see here... another Fibonacci series... 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21... Right?? :D Anyway, I liked this. And I like how you brought it together at the end.
Very nicely done...loved the ending
This is a very thoughtful, insightful piece, and I very much enjoyed reading it! I love the line: "God sings creation into being
ofttimes flaunting the formulae." How true that is! And the last two stanzas are especially beautiful! Great job!
Phenomenal writing in this multi-layered piece. Great job. Thanks. God bless~
O so interesting and unique! Suburb way to use the topic.
Wow this is an intense piece. At first I was afraid it might be over my head, that I might be missing something, but the more I read the louder I could her God's voice in your words. Magnificent!
I thought this would be about metric conversions, since a mile is 1.62 kilometres, but you took me in a totally different direction (and nowhere near as far!) I love how you have built this entry around solid research, without trying to overwhelm us with the weight of your research. Excellent writing.
Congratulations on ranking 14 in Masters and 20 overall!