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Wow - what an interesting story. This was a clever way of presenting the topic...It was well written, and made the reader think!

Nicely done. God Bless~
Well, that was different. You certainly didn't know the end from the beginning. But how sad to know the strong strain of truth in this article. I don't know if the scary man was real or fictional. If he was real, he was probably never asked to speak to graduating student again, but perhap he should speak again--to multitudes of students--and to their parents. Unique!
Wow. I'm not sure whether to jump up and applaud him or throw something at him! On the one hand what he says is true, but on the other our worth is not defined by what we achieve but by how we live. A very interesting and thought-provoking piece of writing. Well done.
Congratulations! God Bless~
This is a wonderful idea to have this story be a graduation speech. I love the message and you make poetry look easy Congratulations!
I loved this! Congratulations on a very well deserved win.
Congratulations on a very creative piece. You certainly had a unique angle for the topic!
Powerful! Excellent job! It is obvious why you won first place!
Unique and creative. Congratulations on placing 1st.
Really enjoyed reading this ... interesting approach and writing style. It made me think -- and I appreciate that!
Awesome. Poetry is supposed to connect with the emotions. I connected. I wish I was that man speaking those words to every pupil that comes through my classroom door.
No surprises here for our Linda! Genius! Congrats, girl. Good to read your work again. <3
Well a very timely piece if only we all heard this everyday maybethe world would back tread andrealize we are apeople of inconsistent turmoil maybe we could change who we are evenifjust for one day
Profound!! Exactly what every graduate MUST hear.
Congrats on your BoB placing!
Oh, Linda - so powerful and important - and masterfully crafted! Congrats on your 3rd place BoB placing, my friend - and drop me a PM or something. Need to interview you for the blog :) Excited for ya, "old-timer."
Hi Linda,
Great entry. Your writing talent shines through as you captivate the reader.
Congratulations and God Bless, Mike & Bea Edwards
A wonderfully creative piece! Congratulations on your win!
I remember this one. It stayed in my mind. Maybe I was one of the students!!!
Congratulations on placing 3rd in BOB. A well deserved win!
This is great. You pack a lot of truth in here, in a very powerful way. A mighty big "CONGRATS" on 3rd place Best of the Best!
Linda, Super congrats on winning 3rd place Best of the Best for 2012 with this thought-provoking, memorable story!
Congratulations on your BoB placement with this riveting and stirring piece. Too many speakers say what they think we want to hear--so I applaud the ones who say what we NEED to hear. Great word crafting throughout this story poem.
Great piece of poetry! I hope the scary man was real. We forget that most of the graduates are really only children who need a father's wisdom to guide them. One question: Why call him scary?
Congrats Linda! I am so thrilled for you. How wonderful. God Bless~
Congratulations first of all. It is a very engaging piece of work. I teach GED graduates and many of them have already discovered that what was spoken. I think that maybe one of them made that speech to high school graduates. It is a speech a graduate or us will not soon forget.
Incredible. I would love to have your imagination . . .