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In tears as I read this God moment. I love when He uses others to speak to us or answer prayers. Praise God for the obedience of that woman and for His love poured out for you in that moment. I love the revelation of Jesus in this entry. Wonderful job!
A wonderful, faith-growing testimony. Thank you God for your personal, affirming, attention to our prayers.
Great title! This is well done - I could feel the emotion and the burden you felt from your early teaching. Thank you for sharing your story. Although I didn't get to such a dire situation, we had a similar early impressions of God. I'm so glad you and I have met the real Jesus!
Your testimony was very honest and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing how God intervened in your life. When you repeated about not being able to ask questions as a child, it really brought the point home. (one slight editing thing I noticed was "hells fire and brimstone" should have been "hell's"). I'm so glad that you found out how good God is.
Wow! I got goosebumps. What a testimony! Well done.
Thank you for sharing your testimony in such an honest and engaging way! Blessings
This is a powerful story. The beginning just made me so sad and I ached for the MC. The one thing I might suggest would be to use I instead of the universal you because this is such a personal story. I understand many people talk that way, but this is such a powerful story, and one that just belongs to the MC. Just switching that tiny word, you to I would send this over the top for me. As it stands now, it's still really incredible. The ending is full of hope and passion.