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You did an outstanding job on this historic piece. I could so relate as I grew up on a dirt road amid wildlife. You brought pictures of my youth flooding into my mind.

With the topic being as it was this week, I've read many takes of applying this verse to life today. You demonstrated that too.

I smiled at the part where the MC wondered if the opposing side was praying and felt the strength in numbers. It's a powerful reminder. Especially when we disgruntled humans may question why God doesn't answer our prayer. It's true that the opposition might be praying too. I like a story that has multiple layers and different people will take a different message from this piece. That is a true test of talent.
I truly enjoyed this entire piece. The historical overview, the internal thoughts of the MC, and the fact that it was true made it all the more outstanding.

Thank you for this.
God Bless~
Awe, what a touching story.When both sides are praying for God's help, one knows that God's will has been done, for sure. While I know progress is needed and "right", still I long for those dirt roads with wide open spaces, too, so I am on both sides of the issue myself! In any case, you have done a good job with this article.
I was cheering for the Christian school by the end, but I also had a respect for the old farmers. I like how you made the point that sometimes neither side is wrong. Sometimes, rather than being an issue of right or wrong, it may simply be an issue of what is best.
You've hit a nerve on the tug between progress and stay-the-sameness. lol It is reality, though, and you showed that so well. Good writing.
Well written article. Being from a farming community I can empathize with the "dirt road residents." The one weak area was in the paragraph when the speaker was "quoting a long ago spokesman, whose name escapes me..." This paragraph probably would have been stonger if that had been omitted. As writers we can leave out details (like our forgetfulness!) that don't strengthen the story.
This is a nicely written piece reminiscing the times of old where community bonding holds much strength, but today is found wanting and overtaken in the name of progress. Well done on good reflective writing!
Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations on your HC and for ranking 18th overall!
Shann and Camille, I just love you both. Thanks so much for for all your sweetness and kind words!